WIAW: Sunday Dinner!

Happy WIAW everyone!



I decided to document my day of eats from Sunday! I love Sundays because they are my day to hang with my family and enjoy a fun family dinner together.



Water, coffee (not pictured), Ezekial toast with almond butter and jelly and a smoothie made with spinach, pineapple, strawberries, a banana, water and Greek yogurt.



A big salad made with kale (sauteed with olive oil and cinnamon), broccoli, carrots, a diced apple, and two hard boiled eggs mixed with mustard and a side of TJs Sparkling Mandarin Orange. This was such a yummy combo filled with some great veggies!


I cut up some Mangoes and Watermelon for the fam and I. Is anyone able to cut up watermelon/fruit without eating it as you go? I certainly cannot! 🙂

IMG_9771 image1


IMG_9769 IMG_9770

MMmmmm, love fresh fruit!


We also had some Allouette and Crackers for some snacks before dinner.


I made Sunday dinner for everyone!


I used an onion, some garlic cloves, tomatoes, frozen shrimp, seasoning, olive oil, white wine, and butter to make a yummy meal!


Super easy to cook!

We also grilled up some yellow and green squash.


Served over pasta!


And voila:


A yummy Sunday night dinner! I am very proud of myself for whipping this up pretty quick! I have become quite the chef over time 😉


S’mores on the grill and fresh cut up mango and watermelon!

IMG_9788 IMG_9787


What is your favorite summer time treat? Fro-yo and fresh watermelon are my favorites.

What is your favorite seafood? I like shrimp and lobster!

Be sure to check out what everyone else is eating this week! 


6 thoughts on “WIAW: Sunday Dinner!

  1. faithvandermolen

    Wow! Your dinner looks amazing! And I definitely can’t cut up fruit without eating some…it’s just too good!

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