Weekly Workouts: Planning and Getting Creative

Hello everyone! Hope you had a great week! Since I am injured and life is super busy right now, I need to be as creative as possible with my workouts. I can’t just lace up my sneakers and go for a run at whatever time I want. I have to figure out class times, work with my PT schedule, and come up with cardio/strength workouts that won’t make me bored.

Hence this:


Getting out my workout log/calendar, using the internet (do you love my Android Tablet that my Dad got for free and gave to me! I’m obsessed 🙂 ), using fitness books and printing out workouts from blogs and fitness articles. It takes time but it’s actually kind of fun! I kind of like the challenge to see what I can come up with!

So after doing all this planning, here is what my week look liked:



5am workout: Amazing and Sweaty strength/cardio circuit.

Later that day I went to my first podiatrist appointment. He said I am 100% a candidate for orthotics. I have high arches and my left foot totally curves in and you can see it! Now I see why my left side keeps getting injured. He also made me do downward dog in the office and showed me how tight my muscles are (my hamstrings are VERY tight and I’ve known that). He thinks I need to be doing Sun Saltutations every morning if I want to be healthy for the marathon, so I have been trying!


I found a great low impact cardio circuit which included modified burpees because my PT said no impact exercises allowed. This left me very sweaty and I felt like I got an awesome workout in!

After that I went to PT.


Damn I look exhausted in this picture. 


I had a Doctor’s Appt and I knew that by the time I got home walking all the way to the gym wouldn’t happen. So I did an at home workout!

IMG_9808 IMG_9807

Got in a great stability ball plank workout and a strength workout with my dumbbells.


I was going to try my hand at a TRX workout that I found online but then Jen posted this workout and I knew I had to try it!



Holy back soreness! This was awesome, I was sweaty + sore = great workout!

Then I went to PT and I did some pre-running work!! I ran on a trampoline for 3 minutes!! It was so fun and I felt like I was running! I felt a tiny twinge of pain toward the end of the 3 minutes but nothing unbearable. Looks like my hopes for that UAE 10k on the 30th is not happening. I wish there was a way to get your money back from all these missed races. Homegirl lives paycheck to paycheck over here, can NYRR help a girl out?!



Pump + Spin to kick off my 3 Day Memorial Day weekend! That spin class just makes me feel so damn good about life!


Rest Day- my pump/spin classes were cancelled this morning so I did meal prep/food shopping super early today so I could grab lunch with my best friend in the afternoon!



Since I missed out on my Saturday of sweatyness I decided to do it on Sunday. I went to a new to me NYSC in the area by my parents, which was small and nice! I made my own Body Pump class by making a playlist and just doing Body Pump moves for each body part with each track. It lasted about 45 minutes to do a 55 minute class (I guess my music wasn’t as long) but I did feel sore later on, so I must have done something right! I then took a spin class which ended up going past the 45 minute mark. I have taken this woman’s class before and she is pretty good (not as good as Melissa) but I was super sweaty towards the end so I had to be doing something right! They were also Schwinn Bikes so I kept thinking about how Melissa tells us to work our watts and I paid attention to that during the ride. The teacher didn’t mention the monitor once during the class so I just kept an eye on it as we went.

That is a wrap-up of my workouts this past week! Hope you enjoyed your week of workouts too!


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