Weekly Workout Recap!

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you enjoyed your week of sweaty workouts! I had a lot going on this week but still managed to get some great sweat sessions in!


Since it was Memorial Day and I had off I headed to a new to me NYSC by my parent’s house to take a Total Body Conditioning and Spin class. It wasn’t the best spin class or best conditioning class but I still got a great sweat in!



I switched my Monday 5am workout club to Tuesday! I did a fun low impact cardio circuit filled with bear crawls, modified burpees, etc. After that I did 15 minutes of HIIT on the elliptical.

IMG_9875 IMG_9876

Later that day I headed to PT. After that I met up with my running crew to volunteer for their fun relay games! I took pictures and cheered on the runners!! It was so fun! Plus we got free Rita’s Italian Ice at the end!

IMG_9881 IMG_9900

So much fun, my friend even made bibs for everyone!


I of course helped myself to two free samples 😉

IMG_9904 IMG_9903

I missed being with everyone! I can’t wait to get back to running with them!


I did an upper body strength training routine at the gym and then headed to PT.

At PT they had me try some “running” and to be honest it didn’t feel amazing. I can’t tell if it’s soreness or pain but my ankle wasn’t 100% happy. I am just hoping that I will be OK to start marathon training in July. I am getting very nervous. 😦


I got home late from work and could not bring myself to go inside the gym. So I decided to give some run/walking a try. My ankle once again didn’t like it so I stopped and ended up just doing a 4 mile walk. It felt good just to be outdoors and not stuck inside.



I had something to go to after work and couldn’t make it into the city for my Friday night of sweat. On my way back home I stopped in the gym to break up the commute back and did my own version of my Friday night workout. I did my own Body Pump and my own Spin Class!! It was so fun to plan these workouts and I still got in a great sweat!



Pump + Sweaty Spin!!



Total Rest Day! I went out late the night before, slept in and enjoyed the day relaxing!



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