Meal Prep Saturday!

Happy Sunday everyone! I’m linking-up with Mommy Run Fast and Jill Conyers again for their weekly Meal Prep link-up!




Just some hard boiled eggs so I can make avocado toast again! It’s such a yummy and satisfying breakfast. My roomie actually told me I could use her eggs because they were about to expire, hence why they are brown. I always buy white eggs because they are much cheaper and I don’t see a difference between brown or white once you crack them open. šŸ™‚



Salads: Chickpeas, cucumber, TJs Veggie 8 mix, tomatoes, avocado, beets and TJs grilled chicken.


Sweet Potatoes for the side.


I was reading Peanut Butter Runner’s blog and she mentioned this TJs Cruncherious Mix of Brussels Sprouts (UM BY THE WAY, I just saw on my Brussels Sprouts bag today that it is BrusselS with the S at the end, I always wondered why I kept getting the red underline when I typed it!! Mind Blown.), Kale, Red Cabbage, and Broccoli. She made it with eggplant and tofu over Cous Cous but since the eggplant at TJs didn’t look so great and they didn’t have regular Cous Cous and I wasn’t in the mood for a tofu dish, I recreated my own meal!


Ground turkey, a whole onion chopped, slice mushrooms and Feta cheese, all served over the TJs Brown Rice. Medley.


I am all about one pot wonders!



IMG_0070 IMG_0069

Roasted veggies for some sides.



Strawberries washed and cut.

What is on your meal plan this week?


4 thoughts on “Meal Prep Saturday!

  1. I need to get on the hard boiled egg train. I love eating them, and they are so easy to make but for some reason I never do it. My boyfriend and I are trying to follow a paleo diet (loosely) Monday – Friday. We have just been indulging in lots of foods recently, and figured we should get back to the basics. Removing all processed/pre-packaged foods will definitely be difficult, but very welcomed.

    1. I love having them ready for a breakfast or even a post workout snack. It can be hard to completely remove pre packaged/ processed foods, but eating mostly real food always makes you feel so much better!

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