Weekly Workouts: I’m kind of running again!!

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a great week of workouts! Here is a recap of my week, hint- there is some running!!


Lately I have been into trying fun and different workouts that I find on blogs that I read/googling. Here are some great workouts I found for my 5 am workout!

IMG_0102 IMG_0103 IMG_0104

I was sore and sweaty, which is a sign of a great workout!


I also went to PT that night.


Before PT I laced up my running sneakers and went for a run/walk! I started with a 1 minute walk then 10 minutes of 1 minute walk/1 minute run intervals. The next 10 minutes I did 1 minute walk/2 minute run/ The third set I did 1 minute walk/3 minute run. I could still feel some acheyness/soreness in my foot but I was really good. My PT thinks part of it could be that I am doing some over correcting since she showed me how I need to correct my form.


PS One of my students put that answer on their test, how cute right??

I then headed to PT.

After that I stopped by my group run to say hi and they had me try on Nikes because Nike was leading the run.

image2 image1

Haha it was all for the pictures. I am still a Brooks girl. πŸ™‚


My legs were feeling sore from all the PT and the running so I did a pretty quick core/upper body workout.

image4 image3

I added in a Back superset as well by doing Dead Rows with 35 lbs. and Resistance Band Rows.


Another run before PT!


This one I started with the first 10 minutes of 1 minute walk/2 minute run, next 10 minutes of 1 minute walk/3 minute run and the last 10 minutes of 1 minute walk/4 minute run. I am just trying to build up to a straight 5k at this point. My endurance is there and I feel great (well my body def needs to adjust to the heat) but I am still working on that form and not feeling pain.


Pump + Spin! Always an awesome ride!



Workout # 1:


First 10 minutes of 1 min. walk/3 min. run, next 10 minutes of 1 min. walk/4 min. run, and then then the last interval I did a 1 min. walk/5 min. run and then I ran until I hit 3 miles! I was feeling pretty good (I stopped thinking so much at the end) that just wanted to keep going so I did! I am on my way!

After that I took Body Pump 55 minute version! I was super sweaty because I had just finished running so I guess my body was in work mode!

Workout # 2:


A fun, sweaty and almost night club like spin class at CYC Fitness in NYC with the awesome Jen!Β (I will recap more tomorrow!!).


Rest Day- I wasn’t in the mood for a yoga class (I need to get my booty back soon though) so I did what I wanted and rested! πŸ™‚

Ever been to a “boutique” fitness studio?

Any races coming up?Β I have the Queens 10k next Sunday, which I may be able to walk run!



4 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts: I’m kind of running again!!

  1. I love trying out boutique studios, especially when they have first timer specials. I do have a strong allegiance to SoulCycle and go as often as I can. I absolutely love it. I’m running a half marathon in two weeks, but other than that, no planned races until NYCM.

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