Tried it Tuesday: CYC Fitness

Happy Tuesday!


Today I am linking up with Lake Shore Runner for Tried it Tuesday!

On Saturday I met up with Jen at CYC Fitness located in the David Barton Gym in downtown Manhattan.

IMG_0159 IMG_0160

When I walked in I was greeted by their friendly staff and they checked me in.

I walked downstairs to where the CYC Spin Studio was.


It was SO cool inside the David Barton Gym! I did not feel like I was in a Gym, I felt like I was in a Gay Man’s Mansion in Miami! 🙂 It was so fun!!

The CYC Front Desk checked me in and I got to meet Tom the instructor for the class that I took, who was so friendly and greeted me with a welcoming handshake.

I then headed to the locker room before class:


How fun is the sign for the locker room?


The locker room was also like a fun night club!


A selfie in the bathroom 🙂

Then I waited for Jen to get out of her first class (she did back to back classes, she rocks!!!!).


Like how cool is this coffee table?

Once Jen came out we got ready for our class!

They use Schwinn bikes but the pedals were different than I was used to so I needed help clipping in. They also have monitors on the bikes but they don’t use them for the class.

The class was a fun and different experience! You cannot compare it to a regular NYSC spin class. There were lights, black lights, drumming, Tom was twerking, it was just a fun time!! They also have you use sandbags (light weights) to do some arm work during the class. I couldn’t 100% follow along with all the moves they did because it was hard to hear Tom with the loud music, so I just kind of followed the people in front of me. I also added more resistance when I wanted to just to tweak my workout for myself.

Also- the music was very fun! A lot of good remixes.

Overall it was just a total fun night out! I would definitely go back for another class (haha Jen and I joked that we like to “gym hop” instead of “bar hop”) as a “night on the town.”

Also side note- although it has the same concept as Soul Cycle, there was just something less pretentious and culty with this place. Everyone was friendly and I liked having fun lights instead of candles during the ride. So glad I tried it out!

Have you tried anything new in the fitness world this week? 



One thought on “Tried it Tuesday: CYC Fitness

  1. I haven’t tried anything new, but would like to try Cyc. I am an avid SoulCycle’er but I would definitely be willing to try a new type of spin class. I love the idea of fitness dates with girlfriends. Great way to change things up!

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