WIAW: A Fun Saturday!

Happy WIAW everyone!


Today I am sharing my day of deliciousness from Saturday!

Pre-Workout Snack #1:


Always coffee and water.

Then Ezekial Toast with Almond Butter & Jelly and an Opal Apple. Have you ever tried an Opal apple? They were good! I bought them at TJs last week because my usual Gala or Pink Lady didn’t look so great. They are 10 cents more (each) than the Gala but they were good! (Yes, homegirl is on a budget here and 10 cents adds up!).

IMG_0137 IMG_0136

This was my first time trying toast and an apple before a morning run. I used to have a Quest Bar and an apple but I literally haven’t had a quest bar in at least a month or so (anyone wanna buy two boxes from me?)! I just see such a difference in fueling with more carbs and real food. I had the energy for a 3 mile run/walk and Body Pump with this snack.



A Green Smoothie on my balcony! I love eating outside! This one has spinach, strawberries, pineapple, a banana, chia seeds, steel cut oats, Greek yogurt and topped with some Kashi Go Lean Cereal.



OK so this isn’t really a snack but they had a sample of the new Peanut Butter and Jelly Greek Yogurt from Trader Joes when I was food shopping and they topped it with peanuts. Verdict- (I have heard this from others) that it has like levels of flavor. You literally taste peanuts, jelly and Greek yogurt in levels. I kind of wish they didn’t have the peanuts on it to give me a better idea. But at the end of the day I didn’t really think it was worth it to buy. If I want PB&J yogurt I can make it myself with a Fage and not have all that added sugar.



After all my meal prepping I sat down to a random lunch of Scrambled eggs, half a sweet potato, broccoli and kale.

Later that afternoon after cooking and some cleaning I had like a half hour to just sit and relax (I am so bad about never relaxing) on my balcony with this Sparkling Water:


PS: I totally got a shorts tan in a half an hour hahaha!

Pre-workout #2:


On my way to meet Jen for my second workout of the day at CYC Fitness I walked and ate some Puffins cereal to fuel me for spin.



After our sweaty spin class it was time to refuel with a delicious dinner at The Grey Dog! I got a Veggie Flat Bread and added grilled chicken along with a giant mound of delicious sweet potato fries. I LOVE sweet potato fries so much, yum!


On my walk home I wanted some watermelon so I stopped in this market in Hoboken, but the watermelon didn’t look so fabulous so I got some mango instead:


Sweet little “night cap” 🙂

Regular Fries or Sweet Potato Fries?

What do you eat to fuel your workouts?


11 thoughts on “WIAW: A Fun Saturday!

  1. Love regular fries! I can only eat a few sweet potato fries before my stomach starts to hurt… usually they’re a bit too sweet for my taste. I usually workout on an empty stomach in the morning, but in the afternoon, I like to have a date ball about two hours before my workout.

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