Weekly Workouts: I ran a 10k!!!

Happy Monday everyone! I have one more Monday after this and then Summer Break starts!! I cannot wait for morning runs/workouts and marathon training!!

Let’s recap this past week, shall we?


5am workout club! (Haha my sister joked and said she thought that there was an actual 5am club that works out on Monday mornings. I just explained that I mean like the people that go at that hour are the 5am-ers haha.

IMG_0188 IMG_0180

I googled this workout and it was great! I changed it up a bit by doing some back work instead of calf raises and butt lifts. I don’t really work out my calves at all because I feel like they get a workout from running. I have been really into pre-made online blog workouts lately. I love supersets or circuit style workouts and if someone has brainstormed it, why not use it!

PT at night too.



3 Mile run before PT with 1 min walking breaks in between each mile. Running is tough right now, especially with the heat, but I am getting there! I also do a lot of “thinking, over correcting” about my form while running because I am so conscious of this injury. I am hoping soon to get that out of my head and just “be” on my runs. That is what I craved when I would do my long runs all winter long. That feeling of just being and running. I will get there, just gonna take some time.

PT after the run.


I had to Sit Shiva for a co-worker’s family member so I had to head out to a part of Jersey a good 45 minutes away from Hoboken and from work. The town luckily had a NYSC so I made the plan to try it out after my visit.

It was a really classy NYSC. The manager was so kind, greeted me and brought me to the locker rooms. I decided to do an Upper Body Dumbbell + Resistance Band Superset workout, with planking variations in between each superset. My legs were sore from the running and two days of PT so I wanted to give them a break. The NYSC also had a pool and I always keep my bathing suit and flip flops in my gym bag just in case, so I decided to get in a 30 minute swim after. This pool was SOOO much nicer than the one by my work. It was so clean and they even played music underwater. The only thing was they said you have to have a swim cap to swim and I didn’t have one. Luckily since it was so classy, they had a whole thing of swim caps and goggles for sale! I need to invest in some goggles because my eyes are on fire after a swim. But I got a swim cap, so now I am legit and also super sexy in it:


Yes, that is a turtle decoration on it. Why am I single, I don’t get it? 😉


My PT told me that she said I could run/walk the Queens 10k, so I decided that I needed to up that mileage a bit if I even want a chance of making it through. I did a one minute warm up walk, run 2 miles, 1 minute walk, run 2 miles, and 1 minute cool down walk. I was so proud of myself to make it through 2 miles without stopping and totaling 4 miles. I’m not gonna lie, this was tough though. I have to say, I am not really beating myself up about losing running fitness. I have accepted that I had this injury and I have worked hard to recover. Injuries happen and you have to learn from them. No point in dwelling on the past, just keep on trucking (or should I say running 🙂 )!




Pump + Spin! We did a ride with 15 minutes of speed, 15 minutes of hills, and 15 minutes of intervals. Always awesome, always hard work!



My last Saturday of Pump and Spin! Back to Long Runs and the beginning of marathon training!!


Queens 10k!!


I ran the 6 miles through!! I stopped at mile two for a quick stretch break but other than that I ran the whole time! I totally took my time, paced myself and just made it through! It was not about time it was about getting to 6 miles after all the time I have taken off. My ankle felt a little sore once I got home but I used my roller on the tendon (suggested by my PT) and it totally helped! I am getting there!! Slowly but surely. 😉

Run any races this weekend?



4 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts: I ran a 10k!!!

  1. Congrats on the race! 10Ks are super tough, still a quick paced run, but a LOT longer than a 5K! Haha funny how that works out… have a half marathon coming up this weekend – hope the weather is good! Have a fabulous day : )

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