Weekly Workouts: Body Pump and Running!

Happy Monday everyone and Happy Last Day of Work for me!! Summer break starts this afternoon!!

Let’s recap this past week, shall we?


Rest Day, I ran the Queens 10k the day before so I knew that resting needed to be part of the plan. I am going to do my best this marathon training to rest, recover and listen to my body.


A sucktastic 3.5 mile run. They are never all beautiful are they? I received my new orthotics the day before so my body was trying to figure them out and then they gave me a lovely blister. It was also horribly muggy and hot out, so this run just kinda sucked. I was aiming for 4, but when I felt that blister form, I listened to my body and stopped.



I then had PT afterwards.



Since it was the last day for kids, I knew that going to bed a little later wouldn’t be as big of a deal, so I took at 7:30 Body Pump class in Hoboken. It was the release of Body Pump 94 and was it a sweaty one. I LOVE this instructor and I am hoping to take her classes more this summer. I really like the new release, it is challenging, has great music and made me sweat!


I ran by my parent’s house because I was home for my Dad’s birthday. This run was OK, the blister wasn’t fully healed and it took me a good mile or so to adjust my form and not have ankle pain. Since I wasn’t loving this run either and I could feel the blister I kept it to the 3 miles and that’s it.



Body Pump 94 plus a great ride in the city! We rocked our Body Pump shirts to celebrate the new release.




A pre-marathon training “long run.” Since last week I did 6 miles, and my marathon training long run starts at 8 miles I decided to see if I could get to 7. I did it!! I actually felt amazing for a good portion of this run. I am starting to feel like myself again. I used vaseline for my blister which totally helped and I just felt like I could run and enjoy myself. It was still a challenging run but I felt great. My pace has really slowed down, but that’s okay. I am running again and that is what matters.


Rest Day!

Anyone try the new Body Pump release?




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