Recent Eats!

Happy Wednesday everyone! I am not participating in WIAW because I didn’t document a day of eats but I do think Wednesdays are all about food in the blogging world so here are some of my recent eats!

Last week for my Dad’s 65th birthday (he may kill me for mentioning that) we celebrated with some Cuban food!

We ordered some yummy apps for the table:


Empanadas filled with Spinach and Manchego cheese. I LOVE Manchego cheese, it is so good.


“Cuban Sandwich” Papas Rellenos.


This was amazing, Dates stuffed with goat cheese and wrapped in bacon, OMG!

For dinner I got the Red Snapper with a plantain salsa on top with a side of plantains and their house salad.


After that we headed to a local ice cream place and I got the most delicious ice cream ever that I can’t stop thinking about it.

Vanilla ice cream with giant swirls of peanut butter and hot fudge. SO DAMN GOOD!


I am just a tiny bit obsessed with chocolate and peanut butter.

On Saturday when I was shopping at Trader Joe’s they had samples of these Cookie Butter Dark chocolate cups. Verdict: AMAZING. I didn’t but them because they were a little pricey but I did take a second sample to bring home to my sister because she loves cookie butter!

image2 image1

On Sunday I cooked dinner for my family. My parents are getting their kitchen re-done next week so they are trying to make their way through a lot of the food in the fridge/freezer. We had a ton of half way used frozen veggies so I made Pasta Primavera (I used mini shells, with random frozen and fresh veggies, grilled chicken and parmesan cheese). I also served it with a Kale and Apple Salad tossed in a Poppyseed dressing.

image3Β image4

Pasta primavera is such a simple, yet delicious and healthy meal!

I needed to bake for a gathering that I had to attend so I made these Chocolate Chip Blondies. Super easy recipe and not a ton of ingredients aka I knew exactly what went into them, now that is what healthy means to me!

We of course had to sample them and they were delicious!


That is a wrap-up of some of the tasty food I have been enjoying.

Have you tried the Cookie Butter Cups?

Favorite Cuban Dish?



2 thoughts on “Recent Eats!

  1. That ice cream… I miss hot fudge!! Never tried cookie butter cups but they sound like they would probably become my most favorite food ever! Did you know Trader Joe’s will open a package of anything they sell in the store for you to try before you buy it!? Even if you don’t want it.. they will always let you sample!

    1. I have heard that! I actually was debating on trying the new raw almond butter and while I was debating the woman offered to have me try it! But I felt bad haha and just bought it anyway!

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