Tried it Tuesday: Birthday Nails and Cookies!

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today I am linking up with Lakeshore Runner to share about the day of fun my best friend and I had to celebrate my birthday!



Last Thursday, we headed up to Harlem to get pedicures at Bed of Nails, the place that Bethenny and Ramona went to on Housewives of NYC.


We first picked out our colors. They had so many high end brands of nail polish!


The place is decorated very luxurious:

IMG_0364 image1

Then they sat on on our thrones!

IMG_0361 IMG_0358

I got some fun, blinged out polish:


The people were so friendly and did such a great job! It was such a fun birthday gift from my friend!

Since we were in Harlem and I have been dying to go to Levain BakeryΒ for their famous cookies, we took a bus over to the neighborhood that the bakery was in.

My friend wanted lunch (I already ate) so she grabbed a salad and I had an iced coffee at a nearby restaurant first.

image3 image4

The neighborhood was so up and coming. A lot of cool restaurants, I really want to go back!

After that we headed to the Levain Bakery next door!


We decided to split and share two of their ginormous cookies: the Chocolate Chip Walnut and the Chocolate Peanut Butter.

image8 image9

image7 image5

I am DROOLING looking at this picture. Like I need to go back now. I think the Chocolate PB was my fav, because you all know my obsession. πŸ˜‰

And that was a wrap-up of our fun day!! It was such a great birthday treat and I loved trying out two new places!

Have you had a cookie from Levain Bakery?

Favorite Cookie Flavor?


3 thoughts on “Tried it Tuesday: Birthday Nails and Cookies!

  1. I’m obsessed with RHONYC… I feel like I need to go to this place to just vicariously live through Bethenny. And I also apparently need to go the Levain Bakery… good thing I didn’t know about this place when I worked in Manhattan! Haha. Best cookie flavor = snickerdoodle!! : ) Or a good ol’ sugar cookie will always do the trick!

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