NYC Marathon Training: Week 2 + Life Update

Hello everyone, long time no talk! My life has been nuts since we last spoke. On Wednesday night last week, my family and I went out to dinner since their kitchen is being re-done so cooking at home is a challenge. I had come home since my mom and I had plans to go to the beach the next day.

Well- we didn’t go the beach. Both my parents got terrible food poisoning. I will spare the details but my poor father wound up in the hospital. He is back home now and slowly feeling better. But, guess what? I was up ALL night sick, so I think I am having a delayed reaction to it. I am on antibiotics now but I have to sit out of a 5k in Hoboken tonight. ANOTHER RACE I AM MISSING. UGHHHHH!!!! My doc told me to stay hydrated, rest, and lay off the vegetables for a few days. AKA don’t workout and don’t eat the way I like to eat. I have to say though yesterday when I was eating a salad, I was kind of turned off by it, guess my body was telling me something.

So I haven’t posted since I had been busy taking care of my family and I also didn’t have my laptop with me. Since I am stuck in bed I figured I would do a recap of Week 2 of Marathon Training.


Strength Training Workout



4 Mile Run + PT



How cute is this shirt my friend bought me for my birthday?


Body Pump


Speed Work: 1.5 mile warm up run, 2.5 miles of hill repeats, 1.5 cool down.



After spending the night in the ER, I took a two hour nap and then cleaned my parent’s house from head to toe. That was my exercise for the day.


I managed to escape the craziness for my long run, 9 miles:



Rest Day

That’s an update on my life + last week’s workouts. I’m sure Week 3, will be interesting based on this food poisoning 😦


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