Recent Eats!

Happy Wednesday everyone! I am not linking up with WIAW again because I just haven’t documented a day of food, instead I am sharing some random pictures of recent eats that I have enjoyed!

When I was sick, omelets and mashed potatoes were my go-to dinner.


I also couldn’t eat raw food or veggies when I was sick so I peeled an apple, microwaved it for a minute with cinnamon on it. A very yummy dessert!


I also had some salads that I had prepped and couldn’t eat because of the raw veggies, so I picked out some of the veggies/chicken/etc. from it and sauteed them up, so it wouldn’t all go to waste. It ended up being very delicious!


My homemade granola with Greek yogurt and a banana.


Since Yoga on Thursday was all the way uptown and right by my favorite fro-yo place, 16 Handles, I HAD to get fro-yo, duhhhh. I just love that view.


Turkey, Fresh Mozz, Avocado, Lettuce & Tomato on a wrap at the Yankee Game. We went to a local deli and brought food in (way cheaper and healthier than eating at the stadium).


I also made sure to celebrate one of my favorite holidays: National Ice Cream Day.


That is a wrap-up of my Recent Eats!!

Who celebrated National Ice Cream Day, what flavor(s), topping(s)? Mine was chocolate with chocolate chips and hot fudge!


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