TCS NYC Marathon Training Plan (finally) explained!

Hello everyone! I have been meaning to post my Marathon Training plan for a few weeks now!

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I used Hal Higdon’s Novice 2 Marathon Training Plan. I had considered doing Novice 1 after I became injured, however I was able to get on track to the Long Run mileage before training began so I decided to stick with Novice 2 (with some tweaks).

A lot of training plans have 4-6 days of running and at first I considered following this plan exactly. But after running 3 days in a row the first week, I realized that I needed to tweak my plan and make it work for ME.

Here is my interpretation of how to train for this marathon:

Long Runs: I am following the suggested mileage distance recommended in the Novice 2 plan. I peak at 20 miles and then begin to taper.

Weekly Runs: Since before my injury I only ran 3 days a week and supplemented with strength training and cross training. I decided to continue with this idea every other week.

So the plan is one week run 4 days a week: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Long Run on Saturday. The week that I run 4 days will be regular/easy paced during the week.

The following week I will run 3 days a week: Tuesday, Thursday-Speed Work, and Long Run on Saturday. I decided that in order not to over do it with the mileage/speed, the weeks that I incorporate speed work I will only run 3 days that week.

The plan alternates, 4 days easy, 3 days with a day of speed work and so forth.

Speed Work: Nothing too crazy, just some fun things to change it up: Tempo runs, hill work, Fartleks and Track workouts.

Strength Training: I will be doing strength training three times a week Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. This will be different strength workouts or Body Pump.

Cross Training: Spin and any other fun classes that I want to try out will be my cross training on Mondays (which I have as optional to include with strength training on the Mondays I don’t run) and Fridays.

Rest: Yoga, foam rolling, stretching, and real RESTING is included for Sundays. I am also making sure to stretch and foam roll every day. During the summer I am going to do my best to take advantage of the free outdoor yoga during the week too. I also have rest days incorporated before the super long runs (17, 18, 19, and 20- aka no pump and spin the night before).

The plan of course can, will and has changed. Life happens and we can’t always follow a plan to the T. But that is why it is a PLAN. I can change and add and do what works for me!

Since this is my first marathon, I am just going along with it and seeing what happens. My goal is to cross that finish line on November 1st with a giant smile on my face, that is it, no time, no expectations.

Can’t wait!!!

Who is running a Fall Marathon?

What plan do you use for marathon training?



4 thoughts on “TCS NYC Marathon Training Plan (finally) explained!

  1. Awesome plan! I used Higdon’s plan for the first few marathons I’ve run and now use it as a base and add more miles/change the order of runs around to fit what works best for me. I’m running NYCM too – marathon twins : )

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