Back at it (sort of): Meal Prep + Family Meal Prep!

Happy Sunday everyone! I am writing a meal prep post after taking a few weeks of taking off! Between my birthday party, my family getting sick and just busy summer life, my meal prep hasn’t been as organized and thought out like normal. I don’t mind it though- sometimes it’s okay to go with the flow and not be so routined (especially for me, someone who is SO routined). However, meal prep does save me time and money (not spending money going out) so I of course will continue to do so!

Thanks to Mommy Run Fast and Jill Conyers for the link-up!




Butternut Squash sauteed in coconut oil and cinnamon.


Hard Boiled Eggs


Since I am not working in the summer (hello life of a teacher!) I just prepped some salad ingredients and then I make my salads fresh each day.


I also cut up an avocado the next day. My avocado was super hard and then I put it in a brown paper bag with a banana and overnight it became ripe! My friend taught me that trick and it worked like a charm!!

Dinner + More for the Fam! 

Since my parents are getting their kitchen re-done they have been living off of the microwave, panini maker, grill and toaster oven that they use in the dining room, aka no stove top or oven. It’s been rough but they have been making do, and eating out a lot. 🙂

I decided to brainstorm a meal that I could make for them and for me in one shot, and not break my budget of my weekly food shopping. (It’s expensive to cook for 4 versus 1!)

So I decided to make a healthier lasagna, cut it into 8 pieces which would make 5 for me for the week and 3 left over so my parents and sister could have it one night during the week. They aren’t fans of eating the same thing every night, so making one meal for them works out.


I bought ground turkey, ricotta, mozzarella, no boil noodles, sauce and two large eggplants.

First I roasted the eggplants in the oven.


Then I cooked the ground turkey on the stove top.

Once everything was ready I assembled the lasagna. First a layer of sauce, then eggplant, then ricotta then turkey, then lasagna noodles and repeat and put shredded mozzarella on the top.


I baked it at 375 for 40 minutes and then let it cool for awhile before I cut into it.


Once cooled I served it out all ready for myself and my family!


It was so delicious and definitely a healthier twist with the eggplant and ground turkey!

I also prepped them some spinach and egg muffins since they haven’t been able to eat eggs!


For myself I also roasted some Brussels Sprouts:


I also baked them some healthy cookies (I added in chocolate chips with the raisins too) to have a sweet treat during the week (and because I find ANY excuse to use my lovely Kitchen Aid Mixer).

image4 image5


That is a wrap-up of my meal prep! Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone!


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