Tried it Tuesday: Ramsey Farmers Market

Happy Tuesday everyone!! Today I am sharing all about my morning at the Ramsey Farmers Market in Ramsey, New Jersey! My best friend had told me about it and suggested we go together. This is not your average Farmers Market (well at least to me anyway). They have SO many stands and samples and it was just an awesome morning of shopping, sampling and hanging with my best friend!

Thanks Lakshore Runner for the link-up!


First up was the Bread section. They had some amazing samples of fresh bread.


We both got these loaves:


Next up we sampled some hummus. They had so many choices so I tried an few and ended up getting the Lemon Basil Hummus:


Then we sampled some frozen pizzas that were made fresh, walked around and saw some more bread stands, herb stands and then we got to a big fruit and veggie stand.


We saw these squash before but they were gigantic and only $2.50 each! They are called cocozella squash?


I ended up buying the squash, an Italian Eggplant, two yellow tomatoes and a cucumber.


They had this awesome Lemonade Stand with all these different flavorings. We got the Mango, Basil, Mint, Agave one! It was SO delicious and refreshing!


They had a gorgeous flower stand. My friend bought some beautiful Hydrangeas there!


Then we sampled some Guacamole and Salsa at another stand. I was so torn between buying Guac or Mango Salsa and I ended up going for the salsa because it was just so different and delicious.


I brought everything home to my family and we enjoyed everything for dinner that evening!

I cut up the cucumber to dip in the hummus and we had chips for the salsa and pretzels and even some pieces of the bread for the hummus! So GOOD!



My Dad grilled up the Italian eggplant and squash.




Then we made panini’s that were SO amazing!


Fresh Bread, yellow tomatoes, mozzarella, grilled eggplant and pesto sauce.

I can’t wait to go back to the Farmers Market!!!

Do you go to a local Farmers Market?

Favorite thing to buy at a Famers Market?


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