WIAW: Long Run Saturday

Happy WIAW everyone! I am joining the party this week! Today I am sharing with you my day of eats from Saturday aka Long Run Saturday when in marathon training. 🙂


Pre- Long Run Fuel:

I started my early morning off with coffee, water, two slices of Ezekial toast with almond butter and jelly and an apple. I am working on my fueling options while I am training for the marathon. Two slices of toast and an apple worked well for my 11 miler. I do think that bagels are going to have to start coming into the rotation as I start logging longer miles.


During the Run:

Un-pictured but LOTS of water and a Peanut Butter Gu at 5.5 Miles.


I grabbed a chocolate milk and banana from Whole Foods in Columbus Circle (I ran in Central Park) just to help those muscles with some protein and carbs!



I then headed back to Hoboken and met my friend for Brunch. It was so gorgeous out that we got to eat outside!


Spinach and Mozz Omelet with Potatoes and a Decaf Iced Coffee on the side.

I then headed to the pool for the rest of the day and lounged and recovered.

Once 5:00 hit all of the sudden RUNGER struck me and I needed food immediately. I probably should have brought a snack with me to the pool but I wasn’t thinking since I was full from Brunch.


I came home and had pretzels with PB and some cherries along with some orange seltzer.


I also sampled one of my cookies that I made for my family:



I was home for the night so I went out to dinner with my parents and we sat outside at a local Mexican place.


Guac, chips and salsa to share.


Shredded chicken, spinach, tomato quesadilla in a whole wheat wrap with sour cream, salsa and guac on top. So yummy!


After dinner we ran to the grocery store to pick up a watermelon since we haven’t had watermelon in awhile!


We munched on the watermelon while enjoying the beautiful summer evening in the backyard.

I have to say I had a very successful Saturday of enjoying yummy food and the outdoors all at the same time! I LOVE being outdoors and enjoying the gorgeous weather, so I am soaking it all up as much as I can! 🙂

Who ate outside this weekend?


5 thoughts on “WIAW: Long Run Saturday

  1. Sounds like an amazing dinner! Anything with guac is a win in my book 🙂 I try to eat outside as much as possible in the summer… grilling and eating outside – I swear it makes the food taste better.

  2. Mmm! Watermelon for dessert is always a winner!
    It’s blazing hot in Texas right now, so we seek AC and shade when eating. Nothing like your face melting onto your plate as you try to eat. It will cool down in a couple months and I will be on all the patios. All!

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