Week 5 Marathon Training

Hello everyone! I am checking in kind of late after a fun weekend away down the Jersey Shore! However, I wanted to get in my Monday Marathon Recap so here it goes, please forgive me, I am SUPER exhausted as I write this. 🙂


A full body Superset designed by Peanut Butter Runner a 3 mile hot and humid run followed by a green smoothie. My ankle felt super sore after this run (it was pretty sore after my long run from Saturday).




Since my ankle was still sore I decided to skip my group run and go for a swim instead followed by core work and stretching. Skipping a 4 mile run is a better decision than running in pain and it getting worse and not making it to the marathon. I am working very hard on being smart and listening to my body.




Check out the two new pairs of Glycerin 11s I added to the collection! They are seriously my favorite shoe!




A mid afternoon Body Pump 55 class.


PT that night


Super slow, hot run. My ankle felt a little sore after but much better than Tuesday.



My plan is to wear sneakers as often as possible, even with a dress 🙂 in marathon training.





Passed my NASM test! Then headed to the city in the afternoon for Pump and Spin!



Slow and long and hot long run! My pace was slow but my ankle felt pretty good and I pushed through. This was one of those runs that was just mentally challenging. I had to really just talk myself through it!

After my run I headed down the shore and look at my hot outfit:


Compression socks and sneaks with a dress= marathon training/long run recovery outfit! haha 🙂


Rest Day, however we did quite a lot of walking down the shore!




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