Jersey Shore Weekend Recap!

Last weekend I headed down to Point Pleasant for my friend’s bachelorette party and I wanted to recap the weekend!

I drove down after my Long Run in my hot outfit (compression socks are so sexy):


Once I got there and found parking my friends met me at the motel and we hung out at the pool for awhile.


Then we all got dolled up for our night on the town!



Then we had my friend open a Pinata filled with fun bachelorette goodies!


We first had dinner at a local Mexican Place. I got the Chicken Fajitas, which were delicious!



Then we danced at The Osprey in Manasquan, NJ (fun fact: my dad used to hang out there in his 20s!). It was so much fun because they had a live band!

The next day we grabbed breakfast at this awesome spot called Local Urban Kitchen. There was a bit of a wait so we all grabbed amazing iced coffees while we waited. I used a Coconut Creamer and it was SO good and totally hit the spot. Coffee is always necessary in the morning.

The cool thing about Local Urban Kitchen is all of their products are from local places and they have everything listed where it all comes from. I definitely want to go back!


I had a Kale, Feta and Mushroom Omelet with whole wheat (amazing) bread and a sweet potato hash. The Kale and Mushrooms both were from farms in NJ!

After that we walked around on the boardwalk for a bit. Then we rode the swings!



Then it was time to head back home but I decided to make a pit stop at my FAVORITE ice cream place in the world: Hoffmans!


Jersey Monkey (Banana, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Ice Cream) with hot fudge. SO GOOD!!!

That is a wrap up of my fun weekend!!


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