Photo Dump of Recent Eats!

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! With the NASM test, bachelorette parties and life I have accumulated a bunch of food pics that I have been meaning to share so I figured why not do a photo dump of recent eats because who doesn’t like to look at pictures of food? 🙂

IMG_0687 IMG_0688

From like two weeks ago at a Bridal Shower for my friend. They catered from Fairway and it was amazing! Perfect summer lunch meal.

IMG_0702 IMG_0701

We have been having fires in my Dad’s fire pit and roasting marshmallows. Love this part of summer!


My first time making and eating Chia Seed pudding. Eh, probably my last time, the texture of it kinda grossed me out.


A yummy green smoothie topped with my homemade granola.


Post-Long Run Broccoli and Mozz Omelet and Sweet Potato pancakes drizzled with almond butter.


A really yummy dessert: sliced apples microwaved for a minute with cinnamon on them then drizzle almond butter over them.


Vanilla PB Ice Cream with hot fudge. Summer= all the ice cream.


I baked sugar cookies and made my own orange icing for my friend’s bachelorette party!


Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies that I baked for PT (for my last session) and for my friend’s birthday run party!


A Cobb Salad from the Ainsworth, we went out after my friend’s birthday run!


A random but awesome breakfast, eggs with ketchup and cereal with banana. I have been SO into cereal lately.


A random dinner I created, two chicken sausages, homemade potato fries, roasted broccoli, and yellow squash. Such a yummy dinner!


Have you ever tried Potbelly? I had heard some great things about it so I figured why not give it a go so I went with the fam. This is the Mediterranean Chicken Flat Melt. Was it all the hype people said? Nope and I was still hungry after. You live and learn haha.


Since I was still hungry after Pot Belly we got ice cream and my second favorite Ice Cream Place: Bischoffs. I got Banana and Double Chocolate Chip with Hot Fudge. Afterwards I told my parents that I name this the summer of Ice Cream, because that is what this summer has been ALL about and I totally love that!


A random salad at the pool!


Have you seen these, Salted Caramel, amazing!!

IMG_0856 IMG_0862

A yummy backyard dinner, hummus, carrots and milt-grain pita chips for apps and a Brie, Arugula, Turkey, Grilled Peaches Panini with a side of grilled veggies. SO yummy!

I hope enjoyed the “photo dump!” 🙂


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