Week 6: TCS NYC Marathon Training

Happy Monday everyone! Why is the summer flying by, WHY????

Anyway here goes a recap of Week 6 of Marathon Training!


I went to the gym and did a total body Superset workout. I combined a strength exercise followed by a stability exercise for each major muscle group. It was awesome and left me feeling strong and sore!

After that I headed to the pool and did a 1 mile swim. I didn’t have my watch with me but I figured out how many laps I needed to do (71, 25 yard laps) and I did it! It took me about an hour and 10 minutes. I am not a fast swimmer at all but I think my long distance running endurance made me able to complete this workout. However, I was SO exhausted and ravenous the rest of the day haha.



My last day of PT! I am sad an excited! I wrote down all my PT exercises and I am going to try and do them once or twice a week!



4 Mile run with The Casual Tuesdays in Hoboken for my friend’s birthday! We had a HUGE turnout and it was sooo much fun!



I made up a pyramid circuit strength training workout!

Squat to Shoulder Press

Single Leg Bicep Curl, each leg

Weighted Tricep Dips

Barbell Lunges each leg

Chest Push-Ups

Dead Lifts with triple row

Prone Scissor Kicks on a Bench

I did 10 of each exercise, then 9, then 8 all the way down to one. It took me about 45 minutes and was a great and quick strength training workout!


I had 6 miles of Speed Work on the schedule but I was tired and my right quad was sore from the day before so I decided to attempt negative splits for the first 5 miles and I did it!


I kept the last mile as a cool down.



My normal Friday night of Pump + Spin was cancelled so I took Spin + Burn with the same instructor at another gym in the city! I of course LOVED the ride and Burn was great! It was fun to change it up!



I met up with my friend in Bergen County and did my long run of 9 miles with her. This is the last single digit long run of my training, it all goes up from here!


I did something to my right quad on Wednesday and it has been bugging me ever since. Not when I run or spin but more when I squat or walk up and down the stairs. I was going to take a yoga class but decided that rest was what I needed instead.

Week 6: CHECK! I cannot believe there are 12 weeks left, it is flying by!


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