Treat Yourself Tuesday: Garmin Vivoactive Review + Fun Fitness Finds!

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today I am linking up Becky for Treat Yourself Tuesday to share some of my “Fun Fitness Finds.”


I have mentioned that I treated myself to the Garmin Vivoactive and I wanted to share with you my thoughts about it finally!


The Garmin Vivoactive is $300 with a heart rate monitor which I highly recommend getting with it. I had a gift card so I treated myself to it! I also had $20 off at the running store so that basically took care of the tax on it.


The watch can be used for running, swimming, golfing, cycling, indoor cycling, and other indoor workouts. It provide information about Max and Avg HR if you wear the Heart Rate Monitor, shares distances, etc.


I have even worn it during Body Pump and Spin on a Friday night.


I recently wore it for swimming and it was awesome! I felt so weird at first putting it in the pool, but it was totally fine!

The watch also connects to your phone so you can see texts, phone calls, Instagram messages, etc. on it. It also counts your steps and you can wear it to sleep and have it track your sleep. The GPS picks up very quickly too. The battery life on it is awesome, I don’t wear it all day every day so I can go a week to two weeks without even having to charge it.

It is an awesome investment if you are into multi-sports! I am very happy with my purchase!

Some other fun fitness finds lately:


I got these Brooks Ghost 7s for about $50! They were on sale and I had money off at the running store. I am alternating them between my Glycerins and I am really liking them. They say that you should run in different shoes to help your body adapt and use different muscles, etc. so I am happy to put these in the running rotation.


I also added two new pairs of Glycerin 11s to my collection. Haha the other two pairs are dead now so I needed more. I found two pairs for around $150 on Nordstrom (they are normally $150 each) with free shipping so it was totally worth it!!


I had a “mystery gift card” to Fleet Feet in Hoboken from this 5k that I didn’t run because I was sick. However I decided to take my mystery gift card to the store to see how much was on it. I ended up getting $10 on it so I bought some Nuun and Gu Chomps!


When I was buying my Ghost 7s my friend who works at the Hoboken Running Store showed me this “yoga” shirt for only $10. I love a good deal so I bought it! I figure it can be used in the Fall/Winter (ugh gross do not want to think about Fall and Winter).


Last nut not least I had something that I wanted to return at TJ Maxx so I got a gift card after I returned it. I found an awesome fuel belt with 3 bottles for those longer runs, workout gloves for Body Pump and strength training and some socks! The fuel belt is great however I do have to wear my Spi Belt along with it because that little pouch doesn’t fit my phone and Gus.

That is a wrap-up of all my fun fitness finds!

What is a fun fitness purchase that you have treated yourself to lately?


2 thoughts on “Treat Yourself Tuesday: Garmin Vivoactive Review + Fun Fitness Finds!

  1. Jude

    If you don’t mind me asking what did you choose on the watch for body pump? I can’t decide what option to choose? I want to track my HR data. I assume you used indoor cycling for spin?

    1. I use the indoor walking for Body Pump or strength training and yes I use the indoor cycling for spin. It won’t track your mileage as you need to purchase something that you put on the bike and then you will get the mileage.

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