Friday Ramblings!

Happy Friday (to those who work)! For me, it’s just another day that summer is passing by. It makes me SO sad how fast it has gone. I have absolutely been soaking it up but I am definitely not ready to get back to work and routine and all that. I am very good at enjoying summer. 🙂

I decided to share some random things on this Friday morning.

IMG_0869 IMG_0870

On Sunday my family and I did some yummy grilling  and made a fire in the fire pit and for dessert we had grilled pineapple and S’Mores (apparently we celebrated National S’Mores Day, a day too early). The only time I have had grilled pineapple is from the Whole Foods bar which isn’t warm. This was warm and sweet and amazing.


No meal prep again this week. Dinner plans and what not made me use what I have. An omelet with chicken sausage, potato fries and roasted veggies. Soon meal prep will be back but I have to say I have been enjoying “going with the flow” this summer, I think it has been great for me.


I went to work on Tuesday because it was rainy so I took advantage of the crappy weather and got a lot done. I brought a ginormous salad with me!

IMG_0895 IMG_0892 IMG_0885 image1 image2

I had a meeting on Monday in the city and got to do some exploring around Brookfield Place, I have never been but I want to go back! It was so cool to see Hoboken and Jersey City from across the river! I walked around “Le Dsitrict” which is the French version of “Eataly.” It’s not as big but it was still pretty cool. I would love to try one of their outdoor restaurants.


I finally made steel cut oats warm (I’ve had them in smoothies) and they were delicious! I just wish they didn’t take a half an hour to cook!


I had gift cards to B&N so I treated myself to this cookbook! Magnolia cupcakes are by far my favorite, I hope I can replicate them!!! I will let you know when I try them out!!

That’s my Friday ramblings! Have a great weekend!! I have a lot going on and I excited to enjoy it all!!

Any fun ramblings on your end? 


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