Week 7 NYC Marathon Training

Happy Monday everyone! Let’s recap Week 7 of Marathon Training!


I went to the gym in Hoboken and did an Upper Body Strength Workout followed by a 4 mile run.



It was raining but I had 4 miles on the plan so I did it anyway! The looks I got from people were funny, I don’t know there is something kind of therapeutic about running in the rain!



I took a mid afternoon Body Pump class in Hoboken. I hadn’t been to a pump class in over a week and it’s crazy to see how quickly it can become tough!


I was up by my parents and had 7 miles on schedule. For some reason randomly my right foot had a crampy feeling the day before but it seemed okay that morning. I had worn my sneakers to work on Tuesday (I went in for the day) and didn’t wear my orthotics because they were wet from the rainy run. I have a feeling that was where the crampy feeling came from. ANYWAY. When I went out, it was gorgeous but my mind wasn’t in it. I was just like thinking how hard it was and my pace was so slow. Then all of the sudden at mile 5 the foot cramp came. I tried to run through it to mile 6 and a halfish and then I just stopped and walked most of the way home until my dad came and got me (he actually got me as I exactly hit 7). I was SO upset and worried that something was seriously wrong. We went to the beach for the day after that and my foot did not feel great at all.


I had dinner plans that night so I decided to take Melissa’s class in the afternoon for Spin and Burn (PS- this is a new favorite class of mine, I am going to try and throw this in the rotation here and there). Well I am SO glad I did because Scott Rappoport from CBS News was there doing a piece about Sharon Stone and her recent photo shoot! So they filmed us and asked our opinions about it!




I was super nervous to go out for my Long Run because of my foot. It wasn’t hurting but I was afraid it would. I went out, did it and it didn’t hurt! I took my time during this run and did what I could. 14 miles was challenging but I did it! I still can’t believe how all winter I was banging out these double digit runs like it was nothing. It’s kind of funny though, the challenge of it all makes it kind of feel more bad ass. Like I am really working towards something, not just banging out 14 miles like whatever.



REST, REST, REST. I had a wedding after that 14 mile run and with the dancing + running, my body needed RESTTTTTT!

And here’s to Week 7 in the books!



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