Tuesday Tangents!

Happy Tuesday everyone! Just popping in to share some random pictures (mostly of food) from this past week!

I had a strange craving for red meat so I went with it. Blue Cheese and Avocado Burger. I don’t eat red meat that often not because I am opposed to it, I just don’t meal prep red meat for a whole week. But with all my marathon training maybe my body is asking for some iron.



And when a Cookie Butter milkshake is on the menu, you must order it. Haha do people gain weight during marathon training, because with all these cravings I have a feeling I am! Haha šŸ™‚




Jersey Shore Dinner: Clams in the half shell, Shrimp with Pasta, and Jersey Monkey with hot fudge. YUM!




Tried out a new manicure place (the place I have been going to for years has new owners and the last time I went they were rude and I got an infection on my nails, so I am totally over them). This place was SO relaxing and the woman gave me the best foot massage!




My friend got married on Saturday night and we had a blast at her wedding. It was so fun to dress up and actually put on makeup. I seriously can count on one hand how many times I wore makeup this summer.


FullSizeRender image1


Those are my tangents. This week I need to get my act in gear with school stuff so blogging may come to the wayside for a minute!

Tell me a tangent from your life this week!


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