Week 8: TCS NYC Marathon Training + Some fuel ideas!

Happy Monday everyone! I am back in action on the blog! With school starting back up soon I may not be so fabulous with updating for a few weeks. I am def going to do my weekly marathon training updates because I really want to keep a memory of this journey. I just may be in and out with updates until I find my blogging balance again!

Week 8 is looking different than the past few weeks because this week was all about “making it work.” Training plans and workouts need to be flexible because you have to enjoy life and you have to listen to your body (I am still a work in progress on both of these).

This is the original plan: Monday-Lift, Tuesday-Run 4, Wednesday- Lift, Thursday- Run 7, Friday Pump + Spin, Saturday- Run 15, and Sunday- Rest.


7 miles of “speed work” aka running up and down hills at a pace that I felt comfortable with. I didn’t speed up the hills I just ran, just getting my body to experience and feel the hills that I will be experiencing during the marathon.



PT Work, Strength Work, and Core Work. I did two PT exercises, 2 minutes of a strength workout, then 1 minute of a core workout and I did 5 sets of that. At the end I had two PT foot exercises to do so I ended with that along with stretching and foam rolling. I love that my gym has all the equipment I need for my PT exercises!



4 miles at a casual pace plus some core work and stretching. I was so glad I saved the 4 for Wednesday and did the 7 on Monday because I was crunched for time due to being out late the night before and having a dentist appointment and other plans that morning, 4 was all I could fit in!



Since the weather for Friday was looking horrible and I couldn’t do my long run on Saturday I decided to do it Thursday. It felt very strange to wake up on a Thursday and see everyone commuting to work and I was out there for a long run. But you do what you have to do!

15 miles was on deck so I decided that this is the time to start testing out my fuel. I had water, coffee, a and a multi-grain bagel (that I bought from the bagel store) with almond butter and jelly. I was going to buy bagels from Trader Joe’s but honestly, if I’m gonna eat a bagel, I want it to be a good one!


Then I headed out for my run. I had my water belt that had 3 bottles. One with regular water, one with frozen Nuun and another frozen bottle of regular water.

I took my timeeeeee. I ran pretty slow, stopped and stretched at times, refilled my water at a fountain and just ran. At this point I just want to get through the miles, I am not even concerned how fast or slow I go. At mile 12 my right foot started acting up again and I had to get through the last 3 miles. It was really hard but at that point it was all mental.

I also took a Gu at 7.5 miles because I realized that I probably should re-fuel. Although I didn’t feel like I had to, I knew that my body needed it. The bagel was really great fuel, I didn’t feel full at all and it was a perfect amount of carbs to get me going. I am thinking that for the marathon I may do a bagel and eggs when I wake up and bring another bagel for right before we start. It sucks that my start time will probably be at like 10 or 11, I really should do a long run like that and start late, but, I don’t know if that is going to happen.


I came home and I literally hobbled into my apartment, chugged a bottle of water, got out my yoga mat and sprawled out on my floor.


I had NO appetite whatsoever but decided that putting something is my body was very necessary so I had milk and a frozen banana blended together.


I then continued to lay on my floor for probably 45 minutes before I even stretched. HAHA. I was quite a hot mess. I eventually showered and made myself a real breakfast and laid on my couch for awhile.


REST- after that run, that was what I needed. Although I did go and work on my classroom and that walking around is never actual rest. (PS love how the weather was not horrible after all, at least I got to go to the pool 🙂 )


Mad Dogg Athletics Spinning Certification Training with my girl Jen!! A full post will come! But we did two rides that day!



REST. Two rest days in a week! I am not mad about that at all. I am happy that I am (trying) listening to my body more and sometimes change up the plan!

Week 8 is in the books! Week 9 marks the half way point of my training. I literally can’t stop singing Livin’ on a Prayer when I think about week 9, “ohhhhhh we’re half way thereeeeee.”




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