Recent Eats!

Happy Wednesday everyone! I began typing this post up during Jury Duty this morning- BORING! I brought a ton of work with me and snacks to keep me occupied and they let us out around noon so it wasn’t horrible. I am finishing up this post now because I was able to get in some pool time and a great Burn class at the gym! Anyway, why not share a BUNCH of recent eats because you know me and my pictures of food!


Over the weekend my family and I ordered Peruvian food and it was delicious!! I only snapped a pic of the appetizers, authentic chicken tamales and beef empanadas. This was my first time having Peruvian food and it won’t be my last, it was awesome!!


A random breakfast of peaches, greek yogurt, Kashi cinnamon cereal and walnuts.


A big salad to use up left overs: Rice, kale, cucumbers, chick peas, chicken, and tomatoes with Italian Dressing.


Spotted this at Target! Coconut Sparkling Water- SO good!

IMG_1035 image1

My parent’s kitchen is almost done! (just some finishing touches and then I will reveal!) So we were able to use the stove! They have gone almost 2 months of no kitchen, it has been tough but they made it work! We enjoyed some fresh mozzarella and tomato as well as pesto sauce and sausage.


Not a good picture but- We also grilled some pineapple for dessert- yummy!! Can summer never end?


I visited my best friend and her gorgeous new baby girl out in PA and she sent us home with some parting gifts, a ton of fresh tomatoes that were SO amazing and butternut squash! We decided to use the tomatoes right away and made a yummy roasted chicken/tomato/onion dish along with roasted potatoes and a fresh yummy tomato salad (oh and some broccoli for me) :-).


Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream with “hot fudge” from Van Dyk’s in Ridgewood. It is supposedly is the number one ice cream place in Bergen County but in my opinion Bischoff’s is WAY better. This “hot fudge” was warmed up syrup, the place was dirty and the ice cream didn’t have a lot of flavor. I honestly have become an ice cream snob this summer hahaha!


A Milky Way Almond Milk Latte from Empire in Hoboken- probably my favorite coffee shop ever!


I had two avocados that needed to be used so I made some avocado mousse!


During my 7 mile run yesterday I was brainstorming up my breakfast because don’t all runners think about food while they run? I had some fresh figs that I bought at Trader Joe’s and I dreamed up sauteing them in coconut oil with almonds. I am normally not into French Toast at all but for some reason it sounded like the best combo! So I made French Toast and topped it with the figs & almonds and drizzled honey over it and it was fantastic! I guess I need a little something on my French Toast for me to like it!

That is a wrap of some yummy things I have been eating!

Have you ever made avocado mousse?

French Toast, Waffles or Pancakes? 

Ever try Peruvian food?


3 thoughts on “Recent Eats!

    1. Just google avocado mousse and I used the Giada DeLaurentis recipe but cut it in half since I only had two avocados! Such a delicious and healthy snack/dessert!! Grilled pineapple is my new fav summer treat! 🙂

  1. You’ve had some super yummy eats!! I’m totally a waffles girl.. I love being able to use the nooks and crannies to fill with syrup or honey 🙂

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