Week 9: TCS NYC Marathon Training

Happy Monday everyone! Week 9 is done and I am on to week 10! My training plan is 18 weeks long so we are half way there! I cannot wait! Here is how Week 9 went…


Strength Workout from PB Runner + 4 mile run


My hamstrings were SORE for DAYSSS from this workout.


7 Mile Run- I have like no recollection of this. I do remembering running and I think it was in Hoboken but I think it was uneventful? I remember getting the 7 miles in, instead of doing it Thursday because I knew I was busy on Thursday? Haha it’s been one of those weeks.

I do remember this:


One of the last free outdoor summer yoga classes in Hoboken. Sigh- so sad for it to end!


I had Jury Duty all morning- ugh and can you believe it I have to go back again in September UGH!!! Anyway. I took a Burn class that night, I am LOVING Burn now!!


4 Mile Run + Some PT and Core Work.


I went to the podiatrist about my right foot (which has been feeling much better) but I had the appointment and decided to go anyway. She said it was probably a flukey thing and sometimes these things pop up during training. As Hungry Runner Girl calls them “hot spots.” She suggested to buy a Golf Ball (as did Jen!) and roll my feet just to get out any knots!


I now have golf balls planted everywhere since you can’t buy an individual one haha.



I hadn’t been to a Friday night in awhile and it was as always awesome!

I was super busy that whole day, in and out of the city twice, food shopping, errands and this was my total steps for the day without any running!


Almost 10 miles! Crazy!!



The strongest I felt during a Long Run this whole training! It could have been the weather, it could have been I was just mentally on point, but whatever it was, it was awesome! I took the Jersey City route which is a mistake during the summer because there are no water fountains. I went through all three water bottles on my pouch by mile 10ish so I ran into a Starbucks bought a bottle of water and chugged almost the whole thing! Thank God there will be water stations during the marathon. I also think this is my pace/mileage. My GPS got all weird for some reason and told me I did a 7:53 mile- UM NO, because for me that would be anaerobic (for me) and if you are anaerobic for that long you are dead. HAHA. Anyway, so I ran to where I remembered the 6.5 Mile mark and ran back. My Garmin said I did 13.64 but I think it was just 13. Who knows?!


All Day AFAA Group Exercise Certification! Will write a post about it!

Week 9: Check! Bring it on Week 10!


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