Week 10 TCS NYC Marathon Training

Happy Labor Day everyone! I hope you are enjoying this day off!

Here is a recap of Week 10! That means 8 weeks to go- less than two months until I run the marathon! I can’t wait!!


Strength Training Superset Workout at the Gym.



2.5 Mile Warm up to the track, 3 miles of speed work. I did 2 laps at about 85-90% of my HR then 2 recovery laps times 3. Then 2.5 mile cool down home. The 2 on the track was showing exactly 2 months to the marathon that day.


Back to after work workouts. I headed to the gym by work and did a strength training + PT workout. I worked my major upper body muscle groups combined with two PT exercises. For each muscle group I did two sets. I have to keep up with my PT work to stay healthy.


4 mile run with my friend from work!


Before first day and after our run!




17 MILES!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ok so let’s recap this whole thing!

I woke up super early like 5:15-5:30 because that is when I have to get up for work so now my body is getting programmed. I also was just giddy to go out for my run! I enjoyed my coffee, water, apple, and a whole wheat bagel with almond butter and jelly. There were bagels at work on Friday morning so I took one to have for Saturday! πŸ™‚ I also read Janae’s post on 30 tips for your long run and she mentioned bringing music with you just in case. I never ever run with music but I decided that she had a point so I decided to grab my iPod shuffle just in case.

I then headed into the city. The trains were all messed up so it took me longer to get to Columbus Circle than normal. I finally got there a little before 8am. I went to the bathroom in the mall (I love that they have bathrooms there) and then headed into Central Park for the 6 mile loop.

The 6 miles flew by. I felt pretty good and took a really nice and easy pace. Janae mentioned that in her post and I kept it in mind. When you have 17 miles to accomplish you don’t want to burn out your legs right away. It’s very hard to keep an easy pace in CP because there are so many runners and you almost feel like you are in a race. But you have to consciously just slow yourself down and not pay attention to everyone else.

I also took at Gu at mile 4. I am working on my nutrition a lot and Janae said her coach has her Gu every 40-50 minutes. You don’t want to Gu when you are in dire need of it, you want to keep the glycogen supply going. When I Gu I also take a walking break. That is my plan for the marathon. It is OK to walk a bit. I am not winning the marathon, I am not worrying about a time. I am just trying to finish it and if I need to walk a bit, so be it. I also had my 3 bottle hydration belt and a bottle of water with me that I filled up again after the left the park. Staying hydrated is KEY!

Then I headed out of the park and ran a mile to the Westside Highway Running Path. What a fun change of scenery! A view of Jersey, some cool art, and so many runners/walkers/cyclists. I ran to 11.5 and then turned around because I figured out exactly what mileage I needed to end at Columbus Circle. I took another Gu at Mile 9.

At mile 11 my foot reallllly started cramping. Like curling up and everything. I drank my Nuun at that point because I had a feeling it was due to electrolyte loss. I need to work on getting more sodium in me before my run and maybe carrying extra Nuun on me.

It continued to cramp but I wasn’t going to let it bother me. I decided it was time for some music to distract me. I also took another Gu at mile 13.5. At mile 13 I was just tired and I was putting in hard work. I decided to follow Janae’s advice and just start smiling. It totally helped me get back in a better mood. I sang out loud to my music, New Yorkers don’t think twice about what other people are doing so not a single person even noticed haha. I just sang and smiled my way to Mile 17. At that point it was my heart and my mind that carried me to 17 miles.


I am SO happy and proud and SORE!

After I finished I stretched a tiny bit, not as much as I should have but I was just so dead and high and happy and hungry but not hungry and thirsty and there was just a lot of emotions haha. I made my way to Whole Foods and went right for Chocolate Milk and basically chugged it! Haha. Then I picked out a sandwich and after waiting on a very long line I sat down and inhaled it. I guess it had been a good 45 minutes or so since I finished and then the hunger was settling in. After that I hobbled to the train and headed back to Hoboken. My walk back to my apartment took much longer than expected as I was just sore and tired.


I looked at my watch around 5:30pm that day and it said I walked/ran a total of 22 miles in the whole day. THAT IS NUTS!

I was so happy to get to 17 miles. It is the farthest I have ever ran! Next week is 18!


REST! Holy Soreness!!

That is a wrap-up of Week 10!

Long Runners out there, do you typically feel pretty sore after a very long run?



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