Recent Eats Wednesday

Happy Wednesday everyone! We are half way through the week! Friday is in sight! And also in sight are some glorious pictures of food I have been enjoying!


Post Long Run sandwich from Whole Foods: Grilled Chicken, Mozz, Tomato, and Pesto on Foccacia Bread and a chocolate milk because chocolate milk totally goes with Italian sandwiches HAHA.


My favorite ice cream from Bischoff’s because I needed it the last weekend of summer: Banana and Double Chocolate Chip Ice Cream with Hot Fudge.


Sorry, I’m not sorry I ate ice cream two nights in a row. Hello last weekend of summer! Need to eat ALL the ice cream. Vanilla Peanut Butter with Hot Fudge.

IMG_1179 IMG_1180

I spied this amazing hummus at Shop Rite for only $1.74!


More leftover bananas= baking. Here is the recipe. I used dark chocolate chips instead of white and I also used two teaspoons of vanilla extract not two tablespoons like the recipe says (which I think is a typo because I have never used that much vanilla extract in a recipe).

That is a round up of what I have been eating!

Favorite dessert you had this week?Ā The Ice Cream from Bischoff’s!Ā 



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