Week 11: TCS NYC Marathon Training!

Happy Monday everyone! Happy New Year to all my Jewish friends!!

Let’s recap Week 11- which feels like a blur, which explains for my lack of pictures.


I was up by my parents for Labor Day. My right heel was bothering me so I skipped my 5 mile run and did an awesome strength training workout at the gym by them.


This is from PB Runner and holy soreness for a few days after! She comes up with such a great workouts!


Some PT Work at the Gym + 4 Miles with The Casual Tuesdays in Hoboken.


8 miles because Thursday had quite a rainy forecast.


At home strength training because I had to go into the city later that evening to take a Cize class, which was so fun! I didn’t want to walk to the gym (in the rain) come back and be in a rush so I did some strength training with my 10 lb. dumbbells and stability ball at home.

The Cize class was very cool! I am not very coordinated but it was fun to try and learn a dance routine!


Rest to prepare for my Long Run.



18 miles!! I went back to the city for this run because I like having access to many water fountains. I did two loops of Central Park (12 miles) and finished the last 6 on the Westside Highway. I felt pretty strong for this run except for some aches and pains here and there. My left foot cramped again and my right foot on the heel now has like a bump from I guess my heel rubbing against it? Maybe my form was weird? My hip also hurts from my water belt running against it and I am SORE! Haha why do I run again? 🙂 But other than that I got it done! I cannot believe how close we are getting to the marathon!


Oh and I checked my watch before bed. Since I had my long run plus I had to go back into the city for a birthday party, I ended up run/walking a whole marathon that day!!! Crazy!


Rest Day at the beach with my family!

That is Week 11! On to Week 12!!

Anyone taken Cize?


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