Week 12: TCS NYC Marathon Training + Spin!!

Happy Monday everyone! Today is my first Monday at work since the past two have been holidays. Hope no one has a case of the Mondays! 🙂

Before I recap Week 12, I have some exciting news! I am now teaching Spin (indoor cycling) for NYSC!! I am currently on their sub list but I am so excited to be subbing and getting my foot in the fitness door world. I think subbing is great for me right now since I am in marathon training and have a full time job. When the marathon is over hopefully I can get more into subbing or try and audition to teach other group exercise classes!


I headed to the gym by my parent’s house and practiced a ride that I created for my class that I was subbing that night. I wanted to make sure my cues were on point and that it all made sense. I left very sweaty so that made me feel like it was good! I then did about a half hour of strength training because that was about all I was in the mood for after doing my practice ride.


That night I headed into the city and taught my first class! I had 4 people which was perfect for a first class. Everyone stayed the whole time and they looked like they were sweaty and working hard so I think I did a good job! I had such a blast and just felt SO empowered to be teaching and making people work hard and feel good.


I was so elated! 


4 miles with the Casual Tuesdays!



I had about 45 minutes to workout at the gym so I put on my “homemade Body Pump” playlist and did my own version of pump. I have taken the class so many times that I feel like I have an idea of some of the cues, moves, etc. I was sore the next day so I must have done something right! 🙂

Then I headed into the city to sub another class!!! This time I had 8 people!


I think I will do a post sharing some of my rides/music selection, I would love feedback on how I am doing!



My training plan said 8 miles with speed work but my mind and body was in the mood to zone out for 8 miles. It’s not that I couldn’t run, I just couldn’t put in that hard work that speed work needs. This marathon training has taught me to listen to my body and not always push it so hard. I want to cross that line on November 1st and the way I am going to do that is by listening to my body.


I hadn’t been to a sweaty Friday night in over two weeks due to resting the night before my long runs.


I was SO happy to be back and take Melissa’s awesome spin class. I hope to be an amazing teacher like her one day!



A run filled with gratitude. I just felt so happy to be able to train for the marathon. Yes- my body aches and things hurt here and there but this training is making me even stronger mentally and it’s showing me how powerful both my mind and body are.


Rest Day! I was thinking about yoga, but doing nothing was more appealing 🙂

What a week of workouts! A LOT of spin and a good amount of running with some strength training thrown in! Just the way I like it! 🙂


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