Friday Favorites!

Happy Happy Friday everyone!! I am back to being one of those people who can’t wait for Friday since I’m back to work!

Favorite Salad:


OK- so I meant to put this on my Recent Eats post but life got away with me and I forgot. So here is an awesome salad I made! Kale sauteed in olive oil, cinnamon and raisins, shredded carrots, tomatoes, leftover grilled zucchini, turkey breast and these amazing honey roasted almonds- SO good!

Favorite Dinner:


Sunday Dinner with the fam: spaghetti, homemade sauce and brasoila.

Favorite Target Finds:


Buttery Caramel K-Cups, 85% Dark Chocolate, a Justin’s Dark PB cup for only $1 (I can’t wait to try them- always way too expensive to buy), and La Croix Pineapple and Strawberry! I LOVE Target oh so much.

Favorite Target Deal:


I have been saying I need to start using a backpack for the gym for quite sometime now. I am always lugging around so many things, spin shoes, water bottles, etc. and it is so heavy for one side of my body. I was taking a look at some of the backpacks that were all $30-$50. I was bummed because I was hoping for a $20 backpack. I picked up this one, looked at the price tag: $7.48!!!!!! Holla!!! I was shocked and SO excited! I am going to do a “What’s in my Gym Bag” post for fun soon!

Favorite Links:


Mac N’ Cheese is my ultimate comfort food!

Favorite Moment:


Getting my own official Spin class!!! If you live in NYC or are around NYC come take my class at 23rd and 8th every Wednesday at 6:15pm!!

That is a wrap of my Friday Favs!

What is your favorite thing this week (food, moment, website, find, etc.)


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