Week 13: TCS NYC Marathon Training

Happy Monday everyone! Last week went by in a flash and I realized I took zero pictures of my workouts except for my Long Run, so sorry for the lack of pictures in this post!!


5 Mile 5 am Run by my parent’s, I decided to stay the night and get an early morning run in! After work I headed to the gym to do upper body lifting plus much needed PT work for my legs and ankles. I see such a difference in my runs and my body when I incorporate PT exercises into my routine once a week.


4 Miles with The Casual Tuesdays. We had an awesome Dance Break at the 2 mile mark this week!


I had off! So I took advantage by cleaning my room ALL morning- such a work out. Then I took a mid-day Body Pump class. They released Body Pump 95 and I LOVED it! I am def going to look into Body Pump certification after the Marathon is over.

Then I headed down to World Trade Center and taught a Spin class at NYSC City Hall. I had 17 people!! The most I have ever had! I used my mic for the first time which felt weird but kind of cool! I also got some great feedback from people. They mentioned they liked my ladder drills and that they had a great workout!! I LOVE teaching spin. It is a time where I can be creative, empower and help people!


5 miles by my parent’s house before Back to School night- what a BUSY day.


Rest Day.


Let’s recap my super long run (19 miles!!!) along with some nutrition! The day/night before I tried to increase my carb intake. They had bagels at work so I took one for Saturday morning and I had a mini one with peanut butter and a pear at work for a mid-morning snack.


This was my night snack on Friday. I love this combo- a rice cake, PB, and dark chocolate chips. Along with some grapes and chamomile tea.

Saturday morning I woke up super early on my own like I am saying 4:45-5am early. I just get really excited to go for my long run that I can’t sleep!

I had coffee, water, a bagel with almond butter and jelly, an apple and two hard boiled eggs. At this point I really want to try and mimic the marathon. My plan is to have this same breakfast that morning and bring a second bagel with almond butter and jelly to the start. I wanted to see how my stomach handled eggs before a long run and I was great! I know that your body doesn’t utilize the protein for energy however, starting my day off with protein will keep me more full and satisfied while I hang out in Staten Island for a few hours waiting for the start.


I also have mentioned that I have had some weird foot cramping. I have been drinking Nuun during my long runs but it hasn’t been working too well. I realized that I am not going to be carrying water bottles with me at the marathon and I plan to drink at the water/gatorade stops. I decided to buy some lemon gatorade since that is what they provide during the race, to see how it worked for me. Well- I am SO glad I did because that foot cramping didn’t happen and I really think it got me through the run.

I also had water with me too. I always make sure to drink water when I have my Gus. I took Gu at Mile 5, 10, and 15. I also put my headphones on at mile 15 to get me through the last 4.

I have to say I felt super strong during this run. Yea there was pains and aches here and there but what do you expect when you are running for 3 hours and 38 minutes (yes that is how long it took me!). I did 3 loops of Central Park plus a little more to get the 19 in.


I refueled at Whole Foods with a Cinnamon Raisin Baguette Sandwich with Ham, Brie and Honey Mustard and my usual side of water and chocolate milk. YUM!


We are only 5 weeks away from the marathon- I am getting SO excited!!!!!!


Rest Day- well I did go to this walk for Pancreatic Cancer, but it was super quick around a parking lot, so it’s still a rest day! 🙂



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