Recent Eats!

Hello everyone! Checking in on this rainy, cold, Thursday night! Not a fan of this weather changing, can we go back to summer??

Anyway, I have some pics of food on my phone so why not do what I do best and share them with you all!


Who else is obsessed with ALL things PUMPKIN? I found these pumpkin chips and delicious Pumpkin English Muffins. YUM!


I made Cinnamon cookies and put the pumpkin chips in them. A very yummy and festive treat.


My first pumpkin coffee of the season from Quick Check. I hate Pumpkin Spice Lattes and I’m not someone who could have pumpkin coffee everyday but on occasion I like to have pumpkin brewed coffee.


A tomato salad.


That went with this awesome mozzarella, parmesan, spinach, homemade tomato sauce bake.


Fresh fruit salad made by yours truly. Grapes are so awesome right now and the right price too!


Tried one of my Justin’s Dark Chocolate PB Cups- sooo yummy! Perfect little treat!


I thought my breakfast looked pretty so I took a picture. Homemade granola, a banana over Greek yogurt.

That is a wrap of some things I have been eating this week!

Best thing you ate this week?

Sweet or savory?



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