Week 14: TCS NYC Marathon Training

We are less than one month away!!! I am getting so EXCITED!!!!

Let’s recap Week 14! The weather was super annoying this week, so I had to make some switches according to the forecast. I had an 8 mile with speed work and 4 mile run planned this week, which didn’t happen. I did run, but not the exact mileage. I also decided to forgo all speed work at this point. I think when I run faster, limbs, ankles, etc. start to feel funky and since I am not running the marathon for a time. No need for speed.

Anyway, let’s see how my week went!


I wanted to do 8, but I realistically didn’t have the time. I did 6 miles and then subbed a cycling class in Hoboken. I ran on the faster-ish side because I was just worried about making it back to the gym for the class. Hence why my achilles felt a little funky after. No speed Andrea, no speed. πŸ™‚


I decided to skip my group run because of my achilles and took a Body Pump class. I seriously just LOVE Body Pump.


4 miles before I headed into the city to teach MY official class at 23rd and 8th NYSC at 6:15 pm, if you ever wanted to come πŸ˜‰


A friend on my running team came to support me and I was so honored and happy!! It was so nice of him to come and support me!! The class went great, I had 11 people and I can’t wait to come back every week!!


PT work at the gym along with some core, bicep, and tricep work. I have to say, PT work is BORING, I try to spice it up but it just isn’t fun. I have to continue with it though. I guess it’s like flossing, you don’t want to do it but you really should (I’ll be honest, I can fall off the flossing bandwagon πŸ™‚ ).


I rocked my booty shorts because I finally cleaned out my workout clothes area and found them! Haha there is something liberating and awkward at the same time about wearing them. I don’t know how some girls wear them all the time.


Pump + Cycling ! I WORKED it in Cycling class. I forgot to wear my HR monitor but I’m sure it went up there!



I wasn’t sure if I was going to do my Long Run because the weather was SO nasty the night before. I really figured I would just do it on Sunday. But when my weather app showed no rain, I decided to just go for it! UM, weather app lied. It rained. It was very windy and it was cold. I actually wore long sleeves, long leggings and ear warmers. WHY? WHY does it feel like winter already? NOOOOO. The 12 miles felt longer than my 19 because of the crappy weather. I physically felt fine, it was just the mental part. But as I have said, that is a HUGE part of marathon training, being on your mental game.


(I actually did twelve and a half because I underestimated where my apartment was haha, I did the run in Hoboken, Weehawken and Jersey City).


Rest Day! Blogging, Ride Planning and my Godson’s Brother’s (that’s a mouthful) Baptism! And hopefully some granola/granola bar making!

Who is running a Marathon this fall? Tell me which one!!!



2 thoughts on “Week 14: TCS NYC Marathon Training

  1. Cheryl Acevedo

    Hi Andrea!
    Just wanted to ask you what kind of things you do to help your Achilles? I have problems with mine since NYC half.
    Miss ya!!

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