AFAA Group Exercise Certification

Hello everyone! I have been meaning to write this post for quite some time! However since I just found out that I passed my AFAA Group Exercise Certification, I would like share the process with you all!


Right after I passed my NASM CPT Test the last day of July, I cracked open my AFAA Textbook and began to study for my certification. I had exactly one month after I passed my NASM test and AFAA says they recommend 30 days of studying, so that is what I did! The textbook is ginormous and has many sections and chapters. They also send you a study guide to fill out as you read the book. I HIGHLY recommend filling out the study guide as that is where all your test questions come from.


Since I had just passed my NASM test and I had been studying for 6 months, I felt very comfortable understanding the information. I didn’t make flash cards or outlines like I did for NASM, however if this information is brand-new to you, you may want to do that. I did read the entire text book in 30 Days. (Keep in mind, over the summer I don’t work since I am a teacher- so I had plenty of hours in my day to read by the pool).

On the day of my certification I headed to a gym in Lyndhurst, NJ.


It was a very cool gym. It was HUGE and they had so many things inside it, racquet ball, massage therapy, a smoothie bar, very cool.

I wore workout clothes, brought snacks, a lunch, my study materials, a sweatshirt, #2 pencils, pen, highlighter, and a yoga mat.

We were a small group (7 women) with our awesome instructor who was 60 years old but you would think she was in her 30s, she looked so great! We started the day by going over AFAA’s 5 questions. Then we reviewed warming up and planning 3 variations of an exercise for our practical portion. After our review we went into another studio and did our warm-up/cardio demonstration and our two exercises/ one stretch demonstration for each muscle group. We did this all as a group so it wasn’t intimidating at all. You just kind of work out together and the instructor takes some notes!

We then had to do an individual demonstration showing 3 variations of an exercise. You need to present it by saying “Hi, my name is Andrea and today I will be showing you 3 variations of a push-up.” Then as you demonstrate give cues for how your body should be head to toe as you complete each variation. Some people did squats, lunges, planks and bicep curls. I love (and hate) push-ups so that was what I wanted to show!

After lunch you review everything in your study guide that will be on the test. Then we took the written test. It was 100 questions and you need to get an 80% (I got a 93% woot!). It took me about half an hour but you do get an hour to take it. After that you get to head home. We were supposed to be there from 9am-6pm, but because we were a small group I was out by 3pm! It was awesome!

Over all, it really wasn’t a tough process at all. I think if you have no background, I would definitely take your time to go through the study guide and the book. The practical portion wasn’t bad at all.

I am excited to get certified in specific group exercises so I can teach other classes at NYSC hopefully! I LOVE teaching spin and I can’t wait to teach other group exercise classes!!

Please let me know if you have any questions or shoot me an email at for questions!


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