Week 15: TCS NYC Marathon Training

Week 15!? Can you believe it!! 3 Weeks to go!!! Here is my recap!


Early AM 5 Mile run before work, I felt strong and enjoyed this run a lot!

Then I took at Body Pump Class at night at the gym. Exciting news- I signed up to get certified to teach Body Pump in December, I am SO excited!!!


Unplanned “rest day.” One of the worst days I’ve had in a long time, with personal and family issues. I don’t want to get into many details on the blog, but I’m just gonna take my life day by day for the next few weeks. Focus on the positive and get through some tough things.


5 miles + I taught my Cycling class in the city.



I did this Upper Body + Abs Workout from PB Fingers. I skipped Superset 3 and replaced them with chest/back exercises. I was SORE from this workout so I know it was awesome. I followed this with PT exercises, foam rolling and stretching.


Rest Day


20 miles baby!!!!!!! My longest run ever and my longest run of my training. I did it in Central Park and I just felt so strong for pretty much the whole run. I ran a faster pace for most of the time and since my body felt okay with it, I let myself do it. I think it was a combination of the awesome carbo-loading I did this week, letting out a TON of stress, and the cooler temperatures.



Rest Day

And with that it is time to taper! As I was running on Saturday I was thinking about the taper and realized that I also may need to back off of strength training, for some reason it didn’t even cross my mind. I did a ton of research (googling 🙂 ) I need to do more, but it seems like the next 3 weeks are time to do lighter runs, no strength training, and not even much cross training. It seems like you need to work on stretching, some core work, resting and nutrition. It actually makes a ton of sense. I have been putting my body through a ton of stress for 15 weeks. My family couldn’t believe I ran 20 miles on Saturday the way I seemed after (I had some things to deal with and got right to it when I was home). But even though we may feel OK, 20 miles is A LOT and my body needs to recover. If I want to run 26.2, then having fresh legs is going to really help.

I want to do a little more research but I think I am going to stop strength training this week. I do think I will do some PT exercises and core work just this week, because my body seems to recover better with that PT work. I think I’m going to skip Body Pump this Friday, I will take one last Spin class, and I am teaching two classes this week. The last two weeks I will do easy runs and try and do some yoga and just stretching. They say people go crazy during taper time but I am going to welcome it. I know that I am not going to “lose fitness” in 3 weeks. I am helping my body recover and be ready for November 1st. This training has changed my approach to fitness so much. I have made it a priority to be in tune with my body and listen to what it needs.


Can’t freaking wait to get “My Amazing On” in 3 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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