Meal Prep: ALL the CARBS!!

Happy Sunday everyone! I am here again to link-up with Mommy Run Fast and Jill Conyers for their weekly meal-prep link-up!


Next Sunday at this time I will be on a bus heading to Staten Island to run the NYC Marathon!!!!!!! I am soooo excited!!!!! Hence my title: All the Carbs! This week is all about hydrating, getting in salt, and eating healthy carbs.



Hard boiled eggs ready to go with some oatmeal or cereal.



Some people say to back off veggies the week of a marathon due to stomach issues, however, I would be the opposite. I would probably have stomach issues if I didn’t eat veggies. Chickpeas, tomatoes, TJs Veggie 8 Mix, grapes, avocado and TJs grilled chicken.


One whole sweet potato each day! Normally I try and find the largest ones and have half, but I’m going for a whole one each day!


Normally I make 5 meals, but I decided to make 6, so I am good for Monday-Saturday.

IMG_0173 image1

Roasted chicken and tomatoes. I made sure to be somewhat heavy handed with my salt. I also labeled my meals for Friday and Saturday with extraaaa pasta. They say 2 days out should be the most of your carb loading.


I tested this meal the week of my 20 miler, so I know it works for me. Healthy carbs, protein and veggies.


And zucchini and Brussels sprouts on the side.

On Friday, Saturday and of course Sunday I’m going to have bagels for breakfast! Which I will pick up later this week. I also bought Gatorade to hydrate with this week!

That is a wrap up of my carb filled meal plan!!

Who is running NYC next weekend/have you run a marathon? How do you carbo-load?!! 



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