Week 17: TCS NYC Marathon Training

Holy Crap. Week 17. I am running a marathon on Sunday. I am soooooooooo excited! I saw someone on Instagram, write that the marathon is a celebration of all your training, which is so true. For the past 17 weeks, I have worked hard to follow a plan, listen to my body, and “made it work” to train for this marathon. I can’t wait to “party” through the 5 boroughs of NYC!

Let’s take a look at Week 17, the taper continues!


3 mile run plus subbed a cycling class in Hoboken


4 mile run


A little core work and stretching then taught my cycling class at 23rd/8th


4 mile run


I tested out my marathon tank top, which I LOVE! I bought it at Athleta and used my new instructor discount, so I got this tank for $30! I am getting my name put on the shirt at a place (it will be ready this week)!


My legs were in need of PT work after that run on Thursday. I could just feel it. So I went to the gym and got in my exercises.



Last long run of training: 8 cold miles! I had to wear long leggings! My right knee was on and off feeling funky during this run for some reason. So I hardcore rolled my quad (usually knee pain come from quad pain) it with my stick, which then made it feel more sore. I really think it’s just a mild strain, nothing too much to worry about. I have had these quad pains before. So I am just going to rest/ice it this week and see how it feels. If I need to skip my 3 and 2 mile runs this week, that is fine. At this point, I need to be rested and ready for Sunday.




I will try and write a Week 18 recap at the end of this week and then of course there will be an expo recap and race recap after next weekend!!! 

Thanks everyone for all your support during this training and following me along! I can’t wait to celebrate these past 17 weeks on November 1st. I am so proud, excited and ready!!!


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