Recent Eats!

Happy Wednesday everyone! On Wednesdays, we wear pink,  I share some yummy food I have been enjoying! 🙂


I will admit it. I have “dessert” or a “night snack” every night. I just like ending my night with a little sweet cap. No shame at all. It makes me happy and you only live once so what not enjoy your dessert. This was homemade cornbread (with real corn) topped with some honey roasted PB, grapes and my new kick since school started: Chamomile tea. It calms me down and helps my mind unwind after a busy day. I am one of those people with a billion thoughts racing through my head all the time (I am a total Type A planner), so this tea just relaxes me and helps me fall asleep better.


A banana with PB and dark chocolate chips. Yum!


Last Thursday it was unseasonably warm so my sister and I grabbed fro-yo together at this cool place! They have iPads everywhere for you to play on. My only gripe about this place was there were no Reese’s for me to put on my fro-yo, you all know how I feel about Reese’s! They also had a Salted Caramel Pretzel yogurt that wasn’t working so I really want to go back and try that flavor!


Post long run overnight oats in an empty PB Jar- made with banana, rolled oats, Greek yogurt, cocoa powder and some milk.


Do yourself a favor and go buy this Tribe brand Salsa Hummus and pair with with Stacy’s Garden Vegetable Pita chips. Best combo ever!


So good I made it for lunch with some turkey and swiss on the crackers too (and a side of kale).


Steak, roasted acorn squash, Brussels sprouts (with a balsamic/agave glaze) and roasted potato “fries.” Yummy and healthy Fall dinner!


Butternut Squash Lasagna- I followed my own recipe!


A spinach, tomato, swiss cheese omelet with a sweet potato and almond butter on the side.


I made these cookies for pumpkin day at work! I followed this recipe recommended by Hungry Runner Girl! 


One last dessert. Frozen mango chunks and 85% Dark Chocolate.

Are you a daily dessert indulger? 

Favorite night snack? 




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