Week 18: TCS NYC Marathon Training!

Thank you to everyone who has been reading and following my 18 week journey to the TCS NYC Marathon! I wanted to document my final week of training even though I don’t have too much to share!! Stay tuned for my expo recap!


Rest- I wanted one more day for my quad to feel better after it felt funky after my 8 miler. I think the funkiness was from lack of warming up (it was pretty cold out and I did a mild warm-up) and hardcore foam rolling with my stick afterwards that was just a little too much for it.


2 miles, slow and steady and no quad pain!


Rest! I was supposed to teach my cycling class in the city however the weather was SO awful and to make the trek in the city was going to be a whole thing so I got a sub. I was really bummed because I made a fun Halloween playlist but it’s all good, in hindsight it was probably smarter for me to be resting as much as possible!


Rest- but aka probably walking miles because my sister and I went to the expo in the city so we had quite a bit of walking to do!!




2 Mile Shake Out Run!! My last run until I run on SUNDAY!!!

Tomorrow my plan is to rest, continue the carbo-loading and drinking plenty of water and gatorade!

Like I said, I have totally embraced the taper. Some people say you can go crazy because you aren’t working out and you are eating more, but I do not feel bad about it at all! My body is happy to be recovering and getting ready to bring it on Sunday!! The only “taper crazy” I have had is the phantom pains because I have been injured in the past and it’s a big fear of mine so here and there I feel a twinge and I get worried. However, I recognize it, evaluate and move forward.

I also have to mention, the amount of support I have had from my family, friends, co-workers and students is amazing. I am so blessed to have such amazing people in my life. ❤

I AM SO SO SO excited for Sunday!!! Here is to celebrating these past 18 weeks of amazingness!!!!!!!

Thank you to all of you reading for your support!!!





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