Post- Marathon Eats!

Hello everyone! I coming at ya from a Thursday night! I have a 4 day weekend so I am enjoying my time off! I do have some more marathon posting to share, however I have been having some awesome meals this week and I needed to share!


I actually baked this the day before the marathon because we had way too many extra bananas and I needed to kill time. It’s a marbled chocolate banana bread.Β 

IMG_0340 IMG_0339

We went out for my mom’s birthday the day after the marathon. We shared some sushi, raw tuna, and this yummy crab salad. It was all so delicious!


For my entree I had Pad Thai with shrimp.


We also had some dessert to celebrate the birthday girl, I had some chocolate ice cream.


A random breakfast of Greek yogurt with raisins and seeds, banana, and a PB&J sandwich.


I saw this ginormous sweet potato at the grocery store!


I was in the mood for hot chocolate but I didn’t want the powder stuff so I made my own. I heated up about half a cup of milk and added cocoa powder and agave then filled the mug up with hot water. SO good!


Steak with a wine sauce and roasted acorn squash.

image4 image5

This amazing dinner! Roasted pork with prunes and sweet potatoes and an apricot maderia wine sauce we served it with a side of Brussels sprouts. Such a yummy Fall dinner!


“Scotchies” Butterscotch oatmeal cookies for a potluck for NYSC!

Those are some yummy things I have been enjoying this week!!

Do you have any fun Fall dishes to share?


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