Pre-Marathon Planning Advice!

Happy Saturday everyone!! I hope you are enjoying this gorgeous Fall weather! Today I wanted to share with you all of my pre-marathon preparations. It may be helpful if you plan to run NYC one day!


First things first, I typed up a to-do list. I listed what I needed to do each day the week of the marathon, who I needed to email/connect with, and reminders of what I needed to get ready. I even included my taper runs and nutrition for the week on this list.

Two weeks before I emailed my “cheer squad.”


I sent out spectator info from the TCS NYC Marathon Website as well as spots that I thought that would be good for them to watch and an approximate timing of where I would be at each mile. I also sent my Bib number to share with those who couldn’t come but wanted to track me. I sent this email out to my close family and friends. I also contacted my Physical Therapist and Podiatrist to share my bib number and thank them for helping me get to Marathon day!

I also made a plan for my family since they planned to watch me in two places (only my sister ended up being able to come twice but the plan still helped). We figured out train times, subway stops, a good lunch spot for them, and a post-marathon meeting area. TIP: The course map can be a little confusing. If you get the post-race poncho and not bag check (which I recommend) have your family meet you on 72nd and Amsterdam. We had planned to meet further uptown, however they let us out at 72nd and Central Park West, so then I just walked down to Amsterdam. This walk will suck. But you will make it out alive, haha I did!

You should also plan how you are getting back home, train, car, etc. Also think of a place to eat. You may not be super hungry but you need to get protein, carbs and fat to help recover.


A week before I started laying out some of my things that I would need. I also kept a list on the pile of what I needed to add.

Here is what you (I had) need to have ready the night before:

  • Sneakers/Orthotics
  • Outfit
  • Compression Socks
  • Arm Sleeves
  • Throw away clothes, hat and gloves.
  • Watch
  • Hydration Belt if you used one during training
  • Spi Belt if you used one during training
  • Gus/Fuel
  • Water
  • Gatorade
  • Carbs/Snacks/Bagel for waiting in the village
  • Vaseline
  • A magazine to read while waiting
  • Your plastic bag given at the expo for the village
  • Bib

I also packed my post-race clothes for my family to carry

IMG_0185 IMG_0182

I also made a list of what to add the night before/day of.

Post Race Bag:

  • Warm Outfit/Jacket
  • Socks and Compression Socks
  • Comfortable Shoes
  • Hat/Gloves
  • Snacks- I did a granola bar, banana, PB&J and Chocolate Milk. I didn’t eat any of it but it’s good to have it just in case

My sister was the rockstar that carried the heavy backpack all day and it totally gave her a back ache, but she loves me and I love her so that’s what we did 🙂

Two weeks before I also found my marathon tank-top. Yes, this seems a little last minute but you also need to gauge what the weather will be like. I found the perfect tank at Athleta.

A few days later I also picked up sweatshirts for my parents and a shirt for my sister. We took the shirts and my tank to a place to get my name on them the week of the marathon. It may be better do this a little earlier but the place we went to had a great turn around time.


Go Andrea!

I also made sure to buy Gatorade so I could have it during the week!

The week of the marathon I got my nails done! When you are tapering, it’s nice to find other things to do!



On Thursday I picked up bagels to have ready for my carbo-loading!


Whole Wheat Bagels

A couple days before I also made my prayer/dedication bracelet.


My nutrition the week of the race consisted of healthy carbs, protein, and veggies. I always get enough fat in as well. For dinner I had Brown Rice Quinoa Pasta with Chicken and Tomatoes. I ate salads with whole sweet potatoes for lunch. I also made sure to drink a single serving Gatorade each day. On Friday and Saturday I ate a bagel for breakfast with almond butter & jelly. On Saturday I made sure to drink plenty of water and gatorade and put extra salt on my food.

The night before the marathon I reviewed my lists and checked over that I had everything ready to go. My family and I also reviewed our plan of them cheering me on and our meeting spot. I also laid out my outfit and took my “night before the race Instagram picture.”


My sister also made her hysterical signs.


IMG_0327_2 IMG_0326_2

Haha people LOVED them!

I tried to get to bed at a decent time! I didn’t have the best sleep but don’t worry, it’s the night before the night before that you need good sleep!

That is a wrap-up of all the things you need to do before you run the NYC Marathon! It does seem complicated but if you are prepared it will be awesome!!

Please let me know if you have any questions or feel free to send me an email at!


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