Weekly Workouts: Post Marathon!

Yes, I can’t stop beaming and talking about the marathon. #sorryimnotsorry 🙂

Anywayyyyy. I still want to keep posting my weekly workouts, they just won’t be numbered in training weeks!


REST. I took the day off of work and pretty much laid around all day. I could barely walk up and down the stairs it even hurt to bend down to sit on the toilet!!

I did have to go into work that night for Parent/Teacher Conferences. I proudly wore my medal and I also walked into a surprise finish line!



REST again. Listen to your body folks.


I taught my cycling class at night but that was about it. I taught off the bike for most of it because I will still pretty sore. It was an awesome class though! Everyone WORKED it!!

Also, that afternoon as I left work I was greeted to a surprise left by my parents on my car!


They are so awesome! 🙂


I finally started to feel a little less sore so I went for a 3 mile walk!



I was feeling ready to get back into some weight lifting. It had been about a month since I stopped lifting during my taper. I did an upper body/core work and used lighter weights than normal. After that I did 30 minutes on the elliptical. (Yes my upper body was sore the next morning!)



I was planning to take a Cycling class but it was so warm out and I just wanted to run. So I decided to test it out! My pace was SUPER slow, which may have meant I wasn’t fully recovered. My quads were also yelling at me a bit. At the same time, it felt great to get out there. I did 3 miles and that was all I needed!


Rocked my “Marathoner” shirt!

I came home to an awesome surprise from my best friend Kristen that afternoon too!!


I have the best friends.


I took a yoga class. The atmosphere of the class seems more just like a stretching class rather than actual yoga. My body needed to stretch so it felt awesome!!


How do you recover after a race?


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