Recent Eats!

Happy Wednesday everyone!! Hope you all have been enjoying some yummy food this week! Here are some yummy things I have been eating this week!


Ezekial Toast with PB&J with a Banana, Greek Yogurt, Cinnamon Smoothie.


I met my friend for brunch at The Hamilton Inn in Jersey City. We split a salad and I got a Veggie Burger with Goat cheese and a side of Sweet Potatoes. SO good! I love veggie burgers!


A twist on a Cuban Sandwich. Ezekial Toast with Turkey, Swiss, Mustard and Pickles cooked on a pan with a side of veggies.


We had some leftover Reese’s from Halloween and while I could eat Reese’s plain every night, why not make these instead. Reese’s Blondies. SO good!

Favorite leftover Halloween Candy?




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