Recent Eats!

Happy Wednesday everyone! Someone should make a Recent Eats link-up, that would be fun! I think WIAW is over now? I’m not sure what happened with that, but Recent Eats would be a great link-up!


My Boss put post-its on chairs at our staff meeting. The 3 people who had blue post-its on their chair got a “certificate” for her to buy us coffee one morning! It was such a kind and thoughtful treat!


My sister and I had brunch at Delicatessen in the city after our Aerial Yoga class.


I ordered a latte, this was my first time ever having coffee with a heart in it!!! I have always wanted to get a coffee like this!


I got the Burrata omelet with arugula and home fries. The multi-grain toast was really good too. It was a decent brunch, pretty overpriced, but that’s what happens in NYC.

IMG_0488 IMG_0489

I went out to an Asian Fusion restaurant. I’m not sure what it was on the left but it was like a tortilla in a way with a yummy dipping sauce. For my entree I had cashew chicken with brown rice and steamed veggies on the side.


Pumpkin eggy oatmeal with almond butter melted on top.


My mom spotted these at CVS- caramel candy corn. It’s a sham. Tastes like regular candy corn.

Sunday Dinner calls for Pasta of some sorts:


Yummy Fig & Goat cheese Ravioli


With a sage and butter white wine sauce.


My plate, with some broccoli on the side.


You can’t eat this, but I did buy it a Trader Joe’s. It’s a cinnamon stick and it makes your house smell like cinnamon! Only $3.99!

Those are some things I have been eating and drinking this week!

Have you ever had an “art latte?”

Favorite Brunch Spots?Ā 



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