Weekly Workouts! Barre, Strength Training & Running!

Happy Monday everyone! I am back again with my Weekly Workouts recap!


4 mile run


I did some hill work for the first 3 miles and did a cool down for the last mile. Weather was awesome- just super dark, thanks for my handy dandy safety vest. 😉


An oldie but a goodie workout. I grabbed a workout from my Women’s Health Workout Book. Total Body Strength workout that left me sweaty and SORE! I kind of think it was good to let go of the strength training during my taper. Having to regain strength back is actually fun and challenging! Taking breaks are a good thing for many reasons!



3 mile run in Hoboken before I headed into the city for my Cycling class. We did ALL ladder drills. It was super tough to teach because I needed to keep my eye on my stopwatch and remember the timing, etc. I kinda made some mistakes here and there but it’s all a learning experience. One guy walked out and told me that was one of the toughest classes he has taken, so I guess I did something right? 🙂


Part 2 of that workout from my book. Sweaty and sore!


Since my fabulous Friday nights aren’t in the cards, I mentioned that I want to try different fitness classes. I decided to try out Pure Barre for the first time and I LOVED it!!! OMG it was SO hard though. I was shaking, sweating and dying haha. I was immediately sore after the class and knew that it was an amazing workout. I def want to go back!

IMG_0533 IMG_0534

The studio was SO pretty. I loved all of their details. Even the bathroom was gorgeous!



Longest run since the marathon!! A Saturday morning 10k. I felt fantastic and glided along. I was dressed perfectly for the crisp weather and just enjoyed the nature and beauty of the park that I run in. I think this is a great place to keep my mileage at this point. I’m not in training for anything and running for about an hour is a great workout. Like I mentioned last week, there is absolutely no need for me to be running half marathons every weekend, I am not looking to get injured again.



For the next two weeks my brain is going to have Body Pump on repeat. I have to learn my two assigned tracks for my training in the beginning of December. I am SO excited and nervous!!


OH- I picked up my medal that had been waiting at the shop to get engraved and the same day I got my pictures that I ordered from the Marathon!


I LOVE my finishing photo. I will never ever forget that moment.

Anyone go through Les Mills training? Any advice? Pretty please!! 🙂 


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