Recent Eats!

Happy Wednesday everyone!! Can you believe tomorrow is Thanksgiving?! Life is flying by! I will be sure to recap my awesome Thanksgiving treats and eats but for now let’s see what I have been eating this week.


Post Long Run Overnight oats in an empty Almond Butter Jar with banana and pumpkin pie spice. The only thing I hate about finishing an Almond Butter Jar is having to pay for another Almond Butter.


I treated my sister to lunch at our favorite spot, The Rolling Pin. We both got the salad with roasted shallots and feta and a scoop of chicken salad, and sweet potato cheddar soup. I got their sweet potato salad instead of the scone/biscuit that it comes with.


This looks un-appealing because I snapped it mid eating. Sorry! I had been CRAVING a bean burrito for like two weeks. It was just black beans with cheese in a whole wheat wrap and I put salsa and sour cream on top. Their burritos come with rice inside but I cannot stand rice inside a burrito, am I weird? So I asked for no rice. Craving- fulfilled! We also split chips and guac for an app!


Chamomile tea in my favorite mug from my best friend, grapes, pumpkin spice almond and chocolate covered pretzels.

image2 image1

Have you seen these yet? BUY them immediately!

On Sunday morning I had a pancake craving so I made these pancakes from Ambitious Kitchen, however I used Apples, Walnut and Cinnamon.


A yummy dinner of pork, apricots, prunes, and mashed potatoes.


Pumpkin eggy oatmeal with a banana and pumpkin spice almonds.


If I don’t check in, I hope everyone has a joyous, fun, happy, and healthy Thanksgiving!! 



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