Weekly Workouts Recap!

Happy Monday (night) everyone! I literally did not have a second to blog this weekend but I still wanted to get in a quick recap of my weekly workouts!


Body Pump Practice at the Gym- I have two tracks to learn by this upcoming weekend so I got to work at the gym, with laptop, notes and kept on practicing.


3 mile run


More Body Pump practice plus taught my Cycling class in the city.



USR Thanksgiving 5k- Official Time: 32:58:54- All for fun!!


More Body Pump Practice



6 Mile run in the awesome warm weather!! I definitely felt all the treats my body had been eating, super sluggish. It’s all good, I got out there and enjoyed it anyway! My pace has really been picking up since the marathon!


Hot Yoga class with my friend at Lifetime aka the best-gym-in-the-world-wish-I-could-afford-to-go-there.

That is a wrap-up of my workouts! This week I think running may be on the back burner due to Body Pump training and rainy weather, we will see what happens!

Did you work out on Thanksgiving?

Any fun races coming up? 


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